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InterWorx began as an internal project of NEXCESS.NET Internet Solutions. In 2005, InterWorx spun off and has been providing quality software to hosting companies across the world ever since.

Where it All Started

In 2001, the guys at the newly founded NEXCESS.NET Internet Solutions were finding that setting up web hosting accounts manually was tedious work. Business was pretty slow in the beginning, so they gravitated naturally to what they enjoyed doing: writing software.

As the daily hosting company activities were automated, the early predecessor of InterWorx took shape. Positive feedback from customers was overwhelming, and soon it became clear there was opportunity to develop the software into something that other hosting companies wanted as well. In 2005, the InterWorx software was spun off as InterWorx LLC.

InterWorx Now

Since 2005, InterWorx has continued to provide innovative software solutions for web hosting companies, allowing them to focus on their core business and differentiate themselves from the competition — something critical in today’s hosting industry.

Want to learn more? Head to our Products Page for info about our control panel and cluster products, or feel free to contact us anytime!

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