Category: Comparison of cPanel vs. Plesk vs. DirectAdmin vs. InterWorx

I want to better. Compare leaders in:

Web Hosting Cloud Enterprise
compare-iworxInterWorx 5 compare-cpanelcPanel 11.36 compare-pleskPlesk Panel 11.5 compare-daDirectAdmin 1.43
Advertised Entry-level Pricing
Monthly License
Quarterly License
Yearly License
Owned license cost
Monthly VPS licensing
Scalability and Clustering features
Multi-Server Cluster Configurations
Simple Master/Node cluster setup
Multi-Server Load Balancing
Automatic Task Replication Across Cluster Nodes
Real Time Graphs For All Clustered Nodes
Advanced Cluster IP Management
Load Balancer Status Email Notifications
Support for multiple remote MySQL servers
External file server support
Load balancer based service separation support
DNS synchronization
NFS Server Import and Export Management
Cloud Features
Automated scaling across multiple servers
Average # of days to acknowledge security issues
Average # of days to resolve security issues
Multiple SSL Certificates per Hosting Account
User Security
Multiple Admin logins with configurable permissions
Multiple Users Per Reseller/User Account
reCaptcha Protected Login Interface
Site owners can share sub-user access to the web interface
Time Saving
Manage all daemons from one screen
Monitor full system health from one screen
Fast, RPM-based installation
IP Address Management
IPv6 Support
Advanced IPv6 Management via IPv6 Pools
Multiple IPs (v4 and v6) per Hosting Account
IPv6 Diagnostic Tools
IPv6 Clustering Support
Supporting Software Features
Mail server
Script Installer Plugins Included
External NFS Quota Management
Integrated Cloudflare CDN Support
Spam & Virus Protection
Configurable Spam Filters
Per Domain Spam Filtering
Email Virus Protection
Configurable Bayesian Spam Scanning Options
Global White and Black Lists
Email Management
Configurable mail forwarders
Configurable mailbox quotas
Domainkeys (DKIM) Support
Log Viewer
Secure Remote Assistance Feature
Problem Detection/Notification/Repair System
Graphical Real Time Usage Statistics
Database Features
MySQL Server Control
External MySQL Server Support
External MySQL Server Data Migration Tools
View and Terminate Running Queries
PostgreSQL Support
Shell Sessions
Enable/Disable Shell Users
View/Terminate Current Shell Users
Easily View Shell User Command History
Configurable Reseller Hosting Packages
CSS-Brandable Reseller Experience
Brand Experience
CSS-Based Theme System
Multiple Supported Languages
Additional Features
FAST RPM-based installation (<15 minutes)
Windows Support
Full Site Backups
Cron Job Support
FTP Server Control
File Management Utility
Automated DNS Configuration for New Accounts
Apache Service Control
Full API Coverage (SOAP, XMLRPC, and CLI interfaces)


By: InterWorx