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Released as Beta on 2016-10-18   Enhancements: Updated httpd-iworx to 2.2.31 Updated php-iworx to 5.6.27 Bug Fixes: Patched httpd packages to fix vulnerabilities Fixed a bug preventing the ability to suspend or activate domains associated with a reseller when changing the reseller account status Fixed a bug in iworx-upgrade.pex —catchup that prevented missed upgrade […]

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Released as Beta on 2016-10-11 Released as Release Candidate on 2016-10-18   Enhancements: Made mail aliases optional upon pointer domain creation Added ability to toggle cron jobs on and off Bug Fixes: Removed arbitrary mailbox quota enforcement Prevented group/member copy-to settings from triggering recursion checks Removed ambiguous language on SiteWorx IP delete confirmation

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Released as Beta 2016-10-05 Released as Release Candidate 2016-10-11 Released as Release on 2016-10-18 Enhancements: Updated clamav to 0.99.2 Added a tool to deactivate two-factor authentication Improved error reporting when adding DNS records New hotfix system for rapidly patching small issues Bug Fixes: Fixed a memory leak in cluster command queue after cluster manager database […]

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Released as Beta 2016-09-28 Released as Release Candidate 2016-10-05 Released as Release 2016-10-11 Enhancements: Updated spamassassin to 3.4.1 Upgraded php-iworx to 5.6.26. Added script to correct permissions on mysql databases Added the ability for the Server Admin to opt-out of RFC1912 CNAME rules Upgraded PhpMyAdmin to Updated Hungarian translation Bug Fixes: Fixed compatibility with […]

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Rebuild of Version 5.1.29 build 1195 due to an errant RPM installed on the build system that was incompatible with EL5 Released as Release Candidate on 2016-08-23 Released as Release on 2016-08-24 See entry here:

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