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Released as Beta 2016-09-28 Enhancements: Updated spamassassin to 3.4.1 Upgraded php-iworx to 5.6.26. Added script to correct permissions on mysql databases Added the ability for the Server Admin to opt-out of RFC1912 CNAME rules Upgraded PhpMyAdmin to Updated Hungarian translation Bug Fixes: Fixed compatibility with MySQL 5.7 Changed handling of Apache worker thread restarts […]

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Rebuild of Version 5.1.29 build 1195 due to an errant RPM installed on the build system that was incompatible with EL5 Released as Release Candidate on 2016-08-23 Released as Release on 2016-08-24 See entry here:

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Released as Beta on 2016-08-09 Released as Release Candidate on 2016-08-16 Blocked from promotion to Release on 2016-08-23 Bug Fixes: Removed custom styling of selects in Heliotrope theme Fixed renewal of Let’s Encrypt certificates installed on secondary domains Fixed errors when trying to add domains to existing Let’s Encrypt certificates/li>

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Released as Release on 2016-08-22 Bug Fix: mod_lua error causes httpd to fail to start

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Released as Stable 2016-08-11 Bug Fixes: Fixed bug with Let’s Encrypt certificate removal for ServerAliases and DNS-only names Fixed issue with missing file for Horde upgrade

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