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Released as Beta on 2017-09-28 Blocked from promotion on 2017-10-03   Security: Fixed importing SiteWorx level plugin permissions Bug fixes: Fixed importing SiteWorx level plugin permissions for secondary accounts Pointer domain list now shows domain name rather than id in API requests Adding custom spam preferences for email alias domains is now allowed Removed extraneous […]

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Released as Beta on 2017-09-19 Blocked from promotion on 2017-09-26 Enhancements: Added http2 and mpm-event support. Upgraded to httpd 2.4.27. Bug Fixes: Fix “Error: Couldn’t open log file” in cluster error.log files when cluster manager is not an active web server. Fixed a validation check when backups do not count against quota Stop installing php*-php […]

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6.0.8 contains the final new feature of the 6.0 release – multiple PHP with control over individual domains.  Released as Beta on 2017-09-12 Blocked from promotion on 2017-09-19 Enhancement: Added the ability to assign PHP versions per-domain Add support for CAA DNS Record type Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue on EL7 with php-fpm config Fixed […]

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InterWorx 5.1.52-1356 is an updated build of InterWorx 5.1.52-1311. This build incorporates all known security and stability hotfixes into a single build, and adds support for DNS CAA records. Released as Release on 2017-09-06   Enhancement: Updated httpd-iworx to 2.2.34

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Released as Beta on 2017-08-01 Released as Release Candidate on 2017-08-08 Blocked from promotion   Bug Fixes: Fixed common module installation for 3rd party system php Fixed a bug with delayed execution of upgrade steps

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