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Released as Beta 2017-03-28 Released as Release Candidate on 2017-04-05 Released as Release on 2017-04-18 Enhancement: Updated httpd-iworx to 2.2.32 Bug Fix: Fixed vhost logic for subdomain rewrites for domains using php-fpm that existed before 5.1.42. Newer domains were not effected

Mar 29, 2017, 11:26 amBy: InterWorx (0) Comments

Released as Beta on 2017-03-22 Released as Release Candidate on 2017-03-28 Released as Release on 2017-04-05 Bug Fixes: Added ability for plugins to specify file permissions Removed legacy version of phpMyAdmin and blocked some PMA files from being served to users due to failed PCI scans Made logging more specific when steps are skipped during […]

Mar 22, 2017, 10:31 amBy: InterWorx (0) Comments

Released as Beta on 2017-02-28 Released as Release Candidate on 2017-03-07 Released as Release on 2017-03-21   Bug Fixes: Fixed the Heliotrope theme for the mobile interface Fixed restart/reload of LiteSpeed web server when using LiteSpeed plugin Fixed a bug that prevented adding a node when certain characters were used in the SiteWorx nickname Made […]

Feb 28, 2017, 1:05 pmBy: InterWorx (0) Comments

Released as Beta on 2017-02-07 Released as Release Candidate on 2017-02-14 Released as Release on 2017-02-22 Pulled from Release after hotfixing due to issues only surrounding php-fmp 2017-02-22 Blocked from Stable 2017-02-27 Bug Fixes: Fixed an issue where error.log and transfer.log files are not rotated on cluster nodes Fixed an issue with generating and renewing […]

Feb 7, 2017, 3:14 pmBy: InterWorx (0) Comments

Released as Beta on 2017-01-25 Blocked from promotion on 2017-02-07   Enhancements: Updated php-iworx to 5.6.30 Fixed iworx installation on servers with Percona 5.7+ preinstalled Bug fixes: Fixed issue with disabling RFC1912 enforcement Improved edge-case detection in vhost config files Prevented attempts at graceful restart if Apache is not running Prevented double restart for Let’s […]

Jan 25, 2017, 10:37 amBy: InterWorx (0) Comments


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