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Bug Fixes Fixed editing and deleting users with no permissions. Fixed bandwidth overage percentage reporting. Fixed a problem with e-mail-only notice recipients. Fixed a problem with deleting a cluster node. Fixed a problem with upgrade overwriting the ‘skel’ file entry in iworx.ini. Fixed a problem with added IPs cascading to a cluster node after initial setup. […]

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Bug Fixes Fixed a problem cascading MySQL server options in a cluster environment. Fixed a problem related to resellers and dns zones. Fixed MySQL server nickname editing. Fixed a problem with uploading backups to import via the web. Fixed roundcube webmail SQL upgrade problem.

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Features New Theme ‘Blue Steel’ added. New Theme ‘Calliope’ added. New CLI tutorial available at Added the ability to toggle ‘testing mode’ and the ‘signing policy’ settings for domainkeys configuration in . Added an option on the mail queue page to process the mail queue manually. Theme and Language addition now automatically cascades to nodes in a cluster. CPU utilization graph in now […]

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Bug Fixes Fixed a bug that affected downloading themes. “Unsetup Cluster” button was sometimes enabled when it should not have been. Fixed a problem on the “enable local changes” forms in, on cluster nodes. Fixed a small IE6 compatibility issue. Fixed a problem related to backup/restore with the new “menu style” option. Fixed an issue where […]

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Features New “Quick Search” bar allows quick navigation in and. “Quick Login / Edit” removed and replaced by “Quick Search” in . New optional Large Icon interfaces for and (per-user setting). New icons for both and menus. Added “choose this one” buttons on the Themes and Languages pages. Added disk quota configuration problem detector to  system health page. Added keyword substitution in language entries […]

Sep 21, 2012, 7:19 pmBy: InterWorx (0) Comments


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