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Notes Websetup / goiworx will now choose the appropriate default theme and language for the initial master user from the iworx.ini file, rather than defaulting to ‘interworx’ and ‘en-us’ respectively. The defaults remain the same as always, which are: [iworx.templates] nodeworx="interworx" [iworx.languages] nodeworx="en-us" in the iworx.ini file. Among other things, this will all allow VPS template creators to set the […]

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Features Along with this release, we’ve updated the .com website, and improved the API documentation, see: Notes Change Log will now reside permanently at Bug fixes Fixed a bug that broke the Softaculous plugin. Fixed a few roundcube webmail default settings. Exclamation points now allowed in Nicknames. Fixed a bug when importing a reseller via the mass transfer tool. Fixed […]

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Features Changes related to APF 9.7 compatiblity (updated APF rpms will be released soon) Allow commas in account “Nicknames” API Changes Added 2 actions /nodeworx/overview : listLoadAverage /nodeworx/siteworx : listBandwidthAndStorage Bug fixes Fixed a bug with qmail config on cluster nodes with 50 or more domains. Fixed a bug adding a node to a cluster […]

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Interface Updated the ?Server?Firewall page to make it more clear that a single port OR a port range can be entered. Quickhelp added to that affect. API Changes Added 1 action /nodeworx/firewall : addPort Bug fixes Fixed a bug with setting shell passwords with certain characters in the password. Fixed a problem with web-setup crashing in some […]

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Features Added DNS Record interface in – CNAME, A, and TXT records can now be added by the user. Added DNS Record package option for Accounts – disabled by default. Added many service-related API functions. Added listVersion API action on /overview and /overview controllers. Added password-changing plugin to roundcube webmail. Added spamassassin configuration plugin to roundecube webmail. Updated French Language translation. Improvements […]

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