Category: ChangelogVersion 5 beta 3 build 506 (2013-03-19)

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  • IPv6 Support
    • Add / edit / delete IPv6 addresses
    • Auto-assign IPv6 addresses to domains
    • ip6tables firewall support
    • IPv6 cluster loadbalancing support on compatible OS’s (el6)
    • Multiple IP addresses per SiteWorx account
    • Added tiered InterWorx repositories for stable, release, release-candidate, and beta versions
  • Brand new default InterWorx theme “Heliotrope”
  • Improvements to the InterWorx theme system that allow theme authors more fine-grained control of the system’s layout in addition to look/feel
  • Updated and improved file manager in SiteWorx
  • Added reCaptcha validation to NodeWorx and SiteWorx login forms (after failed login attempts)
  • Improved navigation guides on menus
  • Improved backend management of php/suphp integration
  • New Yum Repository management interface in NodeWorx > Server > Software Updates
  • E-mail box quota limit increased beyond 2GB


  • Support for longer DNS records
  • DNS Template records now use special variables as placeholders rather than reserved values
  • Added ipv4.{domain} and ipv6.{domain} default records for zones
  • Added import support for Plesk 10.2+ imports
  • Updated backup and restore to support multiple IPv4 and IPv6

Other Changes

  • Improved the calculation of the default threshold for CPU High Load alerts
  • Fixed a problem where a missing my.cnf file caused crashes in InterWorx
  • Fixed REMOTEASSIST and MASTER permission inconsistencies in NodeWorx
  • Added check to ClamAV and Secure IMAP problem detectors to ensure they are actually problems
  • Improved detection of VM/VPS environments
  • Fixed edge case delivery problems of e-mail vacation settings
  • Fixed a minor issue in the CloudFlare Plugin
  • Fixed a problem with malformed theme uploads causing unexpected file deletion
  • Added “advisory” messages for form inputs in some places – suggestions, rather than errors
  • Updated various RPM packages to assist in passing PCI compliance scans
  • Changed the default SSLCipher settings for system webserver and InterWorx webserver to more secure options
  • Fixed Bug: long unix names in the DirectAdmin importer would fail
  • Fixed Bug: imports containing a secondary domain with SSL failed when imported to a shared IP
  • Various other improvements and fixes throughout the system
  • Added IP Range validation to the APF Whitelist. IP Ranges can no longer contain system IPs, which would cause security issues.
  • Implemented infrastructure to better analyze and improve user experience
  • Fixed CPU usage graph failing on servers with 32 cores or higher
  • Fixed an issue with deleting secondary domains off of cluster nodes
  • Fixed an issue with the SiteWorx file manager when extracting certain archives
  • Fixed an issue with private IP detection
  • Fixed an issue with Web Setup InterWorx activation crashing
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