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For Immediate Release: 03.31.2004

Vancouver, BC, Canada: Gossamer Threads, a software engineering firm has licensed it’s FileMan web based file manager to InterWorx for inclusion in the InterWorx Control Panel as part of the SiteWorx website management tool.

The inclusion of FileMan fills a key void in the InterWorx-CP toolset and specifically addresses many feature requests accumulated since InterWorx-CP’s inception. Users can now totally manage their site without an FTP client. FileMan also allows inline HTML editing via a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface. Additionally, webmasters can now password protect directories within the SiteWorx interface and manage access on a user level.

InterWorx will continue to enhance InterWorx-CP, and we thank the Gossamer Threads team for a great product.

###InterWorx L.L.C. is an Ann Arbor, MI based software development firm specializing in software solutions for the web hosting industry. InterWorx L.L.C.’s flagship product the InterWorx Cluster Panel (InterWorx-CP) is the first load balancing cluster panel for web hosts. More information regarding InterWorx L.L.C. or the InterWorx Cluster Panel is available at

Gossamer Threads has been building web applications since 1995, and our programs are consistently rated the best in their class. With support from a dedicated user community, we’ve managed to expand our product base, allowing you to provide a truly integrated experience to your visitor.

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