Category: NewsInterWorx Version 4.11.4 & Version 5 beta 3 Released!

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We’re proud to announce the release of InterWorx 4.11.4, which, in addition to a few bug fixes, also allows users the option to test the next major release of InterWorx: 5 beta 3!

All InterWorx servers that have auto-updates enabled will have this update applied over the next 24 hours. After you update to 4.11.4, you’ll be able to change the release channel you are subscribed to by doing the following:

  • Log into NodeWorx
  • Go to Server –> Software Updates
  • Change the InterWorx Release Channel to one of the following:
    • Release – the default channel.
    • Stable – The Stable channel is updated with the contents of Release after a period of stability. This applies to ALL updates – including security updates.
    • Release Candidate – This channel contains features that have passed through the Beta process and are scheduled for near-future release.
    • Beta – contains pre-release versions. Recommended for customers that want not-yet-released features or bug fixes, and are willing to help test and provide bug reports.

Below is a summary of changes in both 4.11.4 and 5 beta 3.

Version 4.11.4 includes the following:


  • Added tiered InterWorx repositories for stable, release, release-candidate, and beta versions.
  • E-mail box quotas can now be set larger than 2GB, in addition to unlimited.


  • Fixed CPU usage graph failing on servers with 32 cores or higher.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting secondary domains from cluster nodes.
  • Fixed an issue with the SiteWorx file manager when extracting certain archives.
  • Fixed an issue with private IP detection.
  • Fixed an issue with Web Setup InterWorx activation crashing.

Version 5 beta 3 includes the following:


  • IPv6 Support
    • Add / edit / delete IPv6 addresses
    • Auto-assign IPv6 addresses to domains
    • ip6tables firewall support
    • IPv6 cluster loadbalancing support on compatible OS’s (el6)
    • Multiple IP addresses per SiteWorx account
    • Added tiered InterWorx repositories for stable, release, release-candidate, and beta versions
  • Brand new default InterWorx theme “Heliotrope”
  • Improvements to the InterWorx theme system that allow theme authors more fine-grained control of the system’s layout in addition to look/feel
  • Updated and improved file manager in SiteWorx
  • Added reCaptcha validation to NodeWorx and SiteWorx login forms (after failed login attempts)
  • Improved navigation guides on menus
  • Improved backend management of php/suphp integration
  • New Yum Repository management interface in NodeWorx > Server > Software Updates
  • E-mail box quota limit increased beyond 2GB


  • Support for longer DNS records
  • DNS Template records now use special variables as placeholders rather than reserved values
  • Added ipv4.{domain} and ipv6.{domain} default records for zones
  • Added import support for Plesk 10.2+ imports
  • Updated backup and restore to support multiple IPv4 and IPv6

Other Changes

  • Improved the calculation of the default threshold for CPU High Load alerts
  • Fixed a problem where a missing my.cnf file caused crashes in InterWorx
  • Fixed REMOTEASSIST and MASTER permission inconsistencies in NodeWorx
  • Added check to ClamAV and Secure IMAP problem detectors to ensure they are actually problems
  • Improved detection of VM/VPS environments
  • Fixed edge case delivery problems of e-mail vacation settings
  • Fixed a minor issue in the CloudFlare Plugin
  • Fixed a problem with malformed theme uploads causing unexpected file deletion
  • Added “advisory” messages for form inputs in some places – suggestions, rather than errors
  • Updated various RPM packages to assist in passing PCI compliance scans
  • Changed the default SSLCipher settings for system webserver and InterWorx webserver to more secure options
  • Fixed Bug: long unix names in the DirectAdmin importer would fail
  • Fixed Bug: imports containing a secondary domain with SSL failed when imported to a shared IP
  • Various other improvements and fixes throughout the system
  • Added IP Range validation to the APF Whitelist. IP Ranges can no longer contain system IPs, which would cause security issues.
  • Implemented infrastructure to better analyze and improve user experience
  • Fixed CPU usage graph failing on servers with 32 cores or higher
  • Fixed an issue with deleting secondary domains off of cluster nodes
  • Fixed an issue with the SiteWorx file manager when extracting certain archives
  • Fixed an issue with private IP detection
  • Fixed an issue with Web Setup InterWorx activation crashing
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