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Multiple software packages have received updates.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been busy releasing updates to software that InterWorx integrates with in order to ensure that new security fixes and features are available to our valued customers. Information about these updates is provided below:

  1. ClamAV Antivirus updated to version 0.96.2
  2. SpamAssassin updated to version 3.3.1
  3. qmail patched for RFC 3848 compatibility
  4. AWStats updated to version 6.95
  5. ProFTPd updated to version 1.3.3a
  6. Apache webserver updated to version 2.2.16 (CentOS 5+)

Also, InterWorx is now compatible with the RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 Beta. We welcome anyone interested in using RHEL6 and/or the eventual CentOS 6.x to install and help test InterWorx during this RHEL6-beta period, using the normal installation instructions at

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