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Category: How to: Customize The Look of New SiteWorx Accounts by Editing the Skel File and Directory

Purpose: This document will give the reader an overview of how to customize the “look” of new SiteWorx accounts. Audience: System Administrators of hosting companies and others wishing to customize the look of their new account screen. System Administrators wishing to customize default virtual host configuration file. Overview: Each SiteWorx account on a server has […]

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Category: How much does InterWorx Control Panel cost?

Please visit our Order page for current pricing.

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I’ve found a security vulnerability. How do I report it?

In the event you find a security vulnerability in InterWorx or one of the ancillary RPM’s we provide, we would appreciate it if you opened a support ticket to let us know about it securely so that we can diagnose and patch the problem, before the issue is published. There may be a reward for […]

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Category: How to sync iworx DNS to a non-iworx DNS server

Step 1: Identify the IP address of your interworx primary nameserver (a.b.c.d) Step 2: Identify the IP address of your bind secondary nameserver (e.f.g.h) Step 3a: If you want to allow transfer of only a subset of the domains on the interworx server, on the interworx server run the following: echo ‘e.f.g.h:allow,AXFR=”site1.com/site2.com/site3.com”‘ >> /service/axfrdns-a.b.c.d/tcp Step […]

Citation Source: DNS
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Category: How To: Add / Remove IP addresses in NodeWorx

How to: Add additional IP addresses From NodeWorx expand the Server menu item. Click on IP Management menu item. Click the System IPs menu item. Click the Add IP Addresses button. Enter the desired IP Address or IP range. Enter the Netmask. Choose the Network Interface from the Device dropdown. Choose if the IP will be dedicated or shared from the Type dropdown. Choose if […]

add ipIP Address
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