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Are you a dedicated server provider, VPS/VDS provider or Server Management company interested in reselling InterWorx Control Panel with your products and services? If so, the InterWorx Control Panel Reseller Partner Program is for you, please keep reading!

Benefits of Becoming a Reseller

  • Receive competitive, tiered discounts on all of your InterWorx Control Panel license keys with a minimal 10 license commit for the first tier. The more you sell, the more you save!
  • Immediate activation of new license purchases via your login account, as well as access to the License API to easily integrate license management with your order/billing system.
  • 35-domain license key availability. These special discount licenses are available only to reseller partners. Lower the control panel costs by up to 50% or more for those customers who do not need an unlimited domain license!
  • VPS license key availability. These license keys are also only available to reseller-partners. Lower the control panel costs up to 70% for those customers who are not using full blown dedicated servers!
  • Receive direct support from the InterWorx Control Panel developers themselves and other support personnel to assist with resolving your and your client’s issues.

Reseller Responsibilities

  • Reseller-partners are expected to install, configure, and maintain the InterWorx Control Panel software for their clients.
  • Reseller-partners are expected to provide all direct support to their clients. Should the reseller-partner run into any InterWorx specific problems that they can’t solve, they should open a ticket with us and our staff will assist in resolving the issue.
  • Reseller-partners must maintain minimum license counts as spelled out in the InterWorx Control Panel Reseller Partner Agreement. If at any time the reseller-partner falls below the minimum license requirement, their partner status is in jeopardy, and they can expect to lose their price discount benefits.
  • Reseller-partners must keep their account paid and current or risk losing your reseller status, and benefits thereof.
  • Reseller partners are expected to prominently display the InterWorx logo on their website to advertise that they offer InterWorx in their product line.

Reseller Sign-up Form

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