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InterWorx Software Release Channels

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As the ball got rolling a few months ago with the InterWorx 5 public beta, we added a new feature to the current release (4.11): Software Release Channels. This was initially done so that users could easily try out and provide feedback for the beta, but now that we’re nearing the full release of InterWorx 5, there are other implications as well.

Here’s an overview of the current software release channels:


The Release Channel is the default. Packages in the Release Channel have been through the Beta Channel and Release Candidate Channel for significant features. Security releases and other hotfixes may be released into this channel without prior inclusion in a Beta or Release Candidate if necessary.


The Beta Channel is where new InterWorx software will first arrive. While the software is supported by InterWorx, this will be new features that may be subject to change before final release.

Release Candidate

The Release Candidate Channel is for InterWorx software that has been through at least one Beta release without significant issues.


The Stable Channel is the final option. Software in the Stable Channel has been through the Beta -> Release Candidate -> Release cycle, and is further delayed to ensure that the Release rollout did not discover any further problems. Software will be available in the Stable Channel when stable โ€“ itโ€™s possible that a Release Channel release may be skipped, and the next release would find itself in Stable

There are a couple of other things to take into account when deciding which software channel to subscribe to:

  • If you’re subscribed to the beta, you’ll receive the overall most recent update regardless of channel. The release system is recursive, meaning that the beta subscribers get the overall most recent update, release candidate subscribers receive the most recent update that’s not in the beta channel, and so on.ย  This is done so that users don’t have to switch between channels when full stable releases go out.
  • For extremely sensitive systems, the Stable channel might be a good option. The whole point of creating a tiered release system like this is to smooth out the bumps involved with releasing new versions, so overall, any issues that come up with releases in the “Release” Channel should be minor or extreme edge cases. However, for those users who want extra assurance, switching your channel to “Stable” will make sure your system is only updated after the initial release has had some time to make the rounds.

To switch the release channel you’re subscribed to, log into NodeWorx and then go to Server > Software Updates. Happy updating! ๐Ÿ™‚

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