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H-Sphere, from Parallels, is a powerful web hosting control panel that runs on top of Java. While it’s certainly feature rich, H-Sphere tends towards the Rube-Goldberg school of engineering — in its efforts to be all things to all hosting companies, whatever platform they run on, H-Sphere sacrifices focus and ease-of-use on the altar of complexity and over-engineering.

Ever since Parallels purchased H-Sphere, it’s also been very clear that maintaining the product is not a priority anymore; it’s only mentioned on the very bottom of Parallels’ products page, and only a few minor updates have been published over the past few years. This has led to a lot of H-Sphere refugees, and they all compliment InterWorx Control Panel on its light use of resources, flexibility, and dedication to being the best Linux hosting control panel available.

For those of you struggling through the H-Sphere jungle looking for the open plains of hassle-free web hosting management, here’s what you can expect if you choose to try out InterWorx as an H-Sphere alternative.

Multi-Server Cluster Configuration

InterWorx has full support for load-balanced clustering with easy to configure and deploy master / node clustering and automatic task replication across nodes. It’s really quite easy to get server clusters up and running with InterWorx — recently, we even clustered a pair of Raspberry Pi’s and are serving on them!

Whether it’s two systems or two dozen, clustering offers significant performance and reliability advantages over single server setups. We’re also always working to make it more powerful and flexible — this past HostingCon, we took our clustering to new levels by partnering with Calxeda to cluster one of their new 24-node ARM servers made by Boston. Take a look at this video that demonstrates what we did and some of InterWorx’s clustering capabilities.

InterWorx supports advanced cluster IP management, real-time graphs so you can see how clusters are getting along, and support for external file servers and multiple remote MySQL servers. And it’s all managed in one place 🙂

An Intuitive User Interface

Our UI is constructed with simplicity and elegant workflows built-in, with a fully brandable CSS-based theme system.

InterWorx also offers secure email-based CAPTCHA-protected login and finely grained user permissions to ensure users get access to what they need and your system remains secure.

Flexible APIs

InterWorx is extremely developer friendly. We provide flexible SOAP and XMLRPC APIs so you can develop your own apps and scripts to augment and automate your hosting workflows. InterWorx also has a comprehensively featured command line interface for scripting and controlling your servers over SSH.

Speaking of shell sessions, InterWorx also provides powerful tools for managing user shells sessions, including the ability to disable shell users, view current shell users and their command history, and terminate shell sessions at will.

IPv6 Support

InterWorx 5.0 offers full IPv6 support with advanced IPv6 management capabilities, including IPv6 pools, multiple IPs per hosting account, diagnostic tools, and IPv6 clustering support.

Quick Installation

InterWorx uses the RPM packet management system and can be installed and ready to go in less than 15 minutes.

As you might expect, InterWorx also offers full Apache and MySQL control, automated DNS configuration, and full site back-ups

Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a scalable, reliable, secure, high performance, and well-engineered alternative to H-Sphere, the InterWorx Web Hosting Control Panel will be a breath of fresh air.

Did you migrate to InterWorx from another panel? What made you decide to switch?

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