Category: CommunityIPv6 Gaining Momentum One Year after World Launch Day

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World IPv6 launch logo

World IPv6 launch day was exactly one year ago, and IPv6 is gaining momentum in a big way. Global use has more than doubled since then, which is a good thing because it’s estimated that by 2016 there will be 20 billion devices online, roughly five times the number of total IPv4 addresses.

The tipping point for IPv6 has already happened in certain parts of the world, and the rest will be there shortly. Recognizing this, we have dedicated much of the past year to incorporating IPv6 into InterWorx. The fruits of that effort are now available in our InterWorx 5.0 beta, which any InterWorx customer can try by switching to the beta release channel. You can also check it out in our online demo.

Some other interesting tidbits about IPv6:

And lastly, an awesome infographic that should be shared far and wide 🙂

ipv6 launchiversary infographic



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