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cloud questionOne of the big things that we hope to accomplish with these roundups is to keep up with the pulse of the web hosting world. And in the current environment, that means keeping an eye on what’s happening with the cloud. So, starting now, we will change the “Hosting” section to “Hosting & Cloud” to be better signify the impact of cloud computing. You will probably also notice that a number of articles this month will address the impact the cloud is having across the tech world. So let’s get to it. Here are the best SysAdmin, Web Hosting & Cloud, Enterprise IT, and Security articles from May. For the same great content, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ the rest of the year. Enjoy, and let us know if we missed anything notable in the comment section.

System Administration

Tales of a Part-time Sysadmin: Dogfooding Docker to test Docker – This is a tale about how we use Docker to test Docker. Yes, I am familiar with the meme. Puhlease. Many of you are familiar with the fact I work on the Docker core team. Which consists of fixing bugs, doing releases, reviewing PRs, hanging out on IRC, mailing lists etc etc etc.

7 Steps to Start Your Linux SysAdmin Career – Linux is hot right now. Everybody is looking for Linux talent. Recruiters are knocking down the doors of anybody with Linux experience, and there are tens of thousands of jobs waiting to be filled. But what if you want to take advantage of this trend and you’re new to Linux? How do you get started?

System Administration for Junior Devs: An Introduction – At my first full-time Web development job, we deployed our code by typing a command into our chat client. Thirty seconds later, the site was updated with our changes. It was great — I could think exclusively about application code, which was everything I should have been thinking about as a self-taught dev working on my first large-scale application.

Enterprise IT

Five Network Trends Challenging the Enterprise – As cloud computing, big data and the deployment of mega-scale data centers accelerates, organizations need to continually recalibrate and evolve the network. This challenge has led to the development of new technologies and standards designed to increase and optimize network capacity, security and flexibility, all while keeping a lid on cost. Here are the top five trends as we see them.

Apple’s Stealth Move into Enterprise IT – What will the enterprise landscape look like tomorrow? Much of the focus tends to fall on far-reaching views of the future which envision a wireless and totally mobile environment, facilitated by BYOD, CYOD, WYOD or one other of the many acronyms designed to describe the growing potential for a totally mobile office space.

Some Reality About Cloud From The Trenches Of Enterprise IT – There exists something of a dichotomy in the cloud world. On the one hand, we have the cloud exemplars, the Netflix‘s of this world. We all hang on these companies’ every word and take their path to the cloud as a best practice approach.

How to Unlock Enterprise IT Gridlock – “We can get you a new virtual machine in about 6 weeks.” “Approval of a new data attribute is a standard 100 hours.” “One year and a million dollars.” How often do you find yourselves facing this conundrum? Why can coordinating resources between development and operations teams resemble Dhaka, Bangladesh (above) at rush hour?

Hosting & Cloud

Datacenter, Colo, Or Cloud – How Do You Decide? – Here is a question that all companies – except perhaps startups – wrestle with: Does it make sense to build a datacenter, house IT gear in a co-location facility, or just use raw compute, storage, and networking capacity on a public cloud?

The Economics Of Cloud Computing Are, In A Word, Confusing –  The economics of cloud computing are, in a word, confusing. While the cloud has solved some of the inefficiencies that have long plagued companies managing their own servers and datacenters, others remain. In some ways, the cloud has even created its own problems.

Bare Metal And Cloud Mean Good Business – If you want to take your business’s cloud activities to the next level, then bare metal might be the answer. That’s right, bare machines and the cloud are working together to improve the computing environments of millions of businesses.


Inside Google’s Secret War Against Ad Fraud –  In a conference room nine floors above London’s St. Giles High Street, a Russian engineer named Sasha booted up a computer and began giving me instructions. “First step, let’s go to some website,” he commanded. “, how about that one?”

Americans’ Attitudes About Privacy, Security and Surveillance – The cascade of reports following the June 2013 government surveillance revelations by NSA contractor Edward Snowden have brought new attention to debates about how best to preserve Americans’ privacy in the digital age.

The Logjam (and Another) Vulnerability against Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange – Logjam is a new attack against the Diffie-Hellman key-exchange protocol used in TLS. Basically: The Logjam attack allows a man-in-the-middle attacker to downgrade vulnerable TLS connections to 512-bit export-grade cryptography. This allows the attacker to read and modify any data passed over the connection.

Web App Developers Putting Millions At Risk – A troubling failure by many web application developers to properly secure how their apps connect to mobile backend-as-a-service systems like Facebook’s Parse and Amazon’s AWS could be leaving sensitive information on millions of Internet users vulnerable to compromise.

To end this month’s roundup, we’ll leave you with a look at the $9 computer getting ready to mount a challenge to Raspberry Pi.

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