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Thanksgiving has happened, all the leftovers are gone, and now we are moving full-swing toward the Christmas and holiday season. It’s a busy time of year, and we know that you’re not going to be able to sit around and search the internet at your leisure. Don’t worry though, our present to you is the best System Administration, Hosting, Security, and Enterprise IT content from November gathered into one convenient place. Let us know your favorites in the comment section and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, where we share the same great content the rest of the month.

System Administration

MySQL Error: Too Many Connections – We have always received quite a few questions here at Percona Support on how to avoid the dreaded “Too many connections” error, as well as what is the recommended value for max_connections. So, in this article I will try to cover best possible answers to these questions so others can mitigate similar kinds of issues.

Battle Ready Nginx – An Optimization Guide – Most setup guides for Nginx tell you the basics – apt-get a package, modify a few lines here and there, and you’ve got a web server! And, in most cases, a vanilla nginx install will work just fine for serving your website.

Firewall Administration For Sysadmins: A Primer – I’ve worked as a member of various IT teams over the years, with firewall administration usually part of my responsibilities. Conversations with other team members about the firewall infrastructure typically revolve around these questions:

10 Critical Elements of an Efficient Data Center – The evolution of the data center may transform it into a very different environment thanks to the advent of new technologies such as cloud computing and virtualization. However, there will always be certain essential elements required by any data center to operate smoothly and successfully.

Old School System Admin – A Dying Breed? – I’ve been involved in some fashion of IT for over thirty years now. Running a FidoNet BBS (The Twilight Zone) in 1986 was my first interaction with a human element and where I first experienced the concept of a System Administrator.

How to Reset the SA Password in SQL Server – Getting locked out of a SQL Server can happen in a number of ways.  You could inherit a server that was managed by someone that left the company and only that person had System Admin rights for example.

Enterprise IT

What’s Different About Enterprise IT in Africa – Anyone following developments in the African IT space from afar can be forgiven for thinking that it’s all about the consumer, and that applications and services for business lag far behind. That’s understandable — the growth of the consumer mobile market in Africa has been spectacular.

Mobility Impacts Enterprise IT – Massive trends are reshaping Enterprise IT. It is buffeted by a converging storm of mobile, social and cloud such that, a decade from now, the Enterprise IT world is going to be a very different place.

IT Now in the Mobility Driver’s Seat – Some IT organizations have been reluctant to embrace mobile technology or have done so as a silo outside of their enterprise practices. Part of the problem is they feared that its complexities would balloon support costs and reduce application and information security.

Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Unitrends Enterprise Backup – Lately, I’ve learned a lot about Unitrends as a company as well as an enterprise backup solution. To document what I’ve learned and help get the word out, I’ve created this blog post.

Big Data Poses an Integrator’s Dilemma for Enterprise IT – Clayton Christensen’s book “The Innovator’s Dilemma” challenges business leaders with the notion that if you only do what worked in the past, you’ll be passed. With the sheer amount of data being logged by businesses and created by millions of individuals, devices, web applications and more, The Integrator’s Dilemma has emerged.

The Cloud-Enabled Transformation of Enterprise IT – Thanks to exponential advances in processing power, bandwidth, and storage (what I call the three change accelerators), the business environment is undergoing a major transformation.

The IT Executive Holy Grail: Making IT Cool in Your Enterprise – More than a dozen times in my career — as a consultant or an employee of an Information Technology (IT) department — I’ve heard the same refrain. Some IT executive would express a desire to “make IT cool.”


The Top Features for Small Business Web Hosting – A company cannot be successful in 2013 with a robust Web presence. Creating a website may take months of designing and planning (between a few people or even entire departments), but actually setting up the website isn’t at all difficult.

Moving From Shared to Dedicated Hosting: The Differences and Why They Matter – It’s easy to get caught up in SEO and social media and watch your site grow, but hosting your website is something that you should keep in the back of your mind. It’s not talked about too often and it’s certainly not as exciting as SEO or other marketing topics, but it’s an important aspect of website success.

Red Hat Prepares for 64-bit ARM Servers – Enterprise open-source software vendor Red Hat is keeping an eye on the development of 64-bit ARM processors for servers, building up expertise in case the nascent platform takes hold in the data center.


Why Security Issues May Chronically Hinder Bitcoin Adoption –  This article is mostly inspired by Jeff Garzik’s post, “‘Solution’ to bitcoin volatility,” in which Jeff, a Bitcoin core developer, discusses the price volatility which many feel is holding back Bitcoin from being a usable currency.

Why Security in the Cloud Is Well Within Reach – It’s true: Moving operations to a public cloud requires organizations to become comfortable with letting go of complete control of their data. While handing over control of organizational data to a third party inevitably creates a vulnerability, data stored in the cloud isn’t inherently less secure than non-cloud data.

The Unsung Hero: Data Center Security – Data Centers are cold, dry and generally very loud places to visit, let along work at. As much as we rely on these heavily secured facilities it’s easy to forget about the technicians who spend hours a day inside a server room.

Security Risk Management: Where Companies Fail and Succeed – After a security breach, organisations are often left with egg on their faces, with the public asking why none of the risks were considered. In some instances, someone forgot to follow policy. Other times, there was no policy in the first place.

What does the Chameleon say? You’ll just have to watch this hilarious remake of “What Does the Fox Say?” from SUSE to find out.

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