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If you’re like us, you’ve been cheering along the Pittsburgh Pirates as they’ve made an unlikely run to the MLB playoffs. Knowing you might have missed an important story or two while you stayed up late watching the games, we’ve gathered the best System Administration, Hosting, Security, and Enterprise IT content from September into one convenient location. Let us know what you think in the comment section and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, where we share the best content that we come across every day.

System Administration

Load Testing: An Unexpected Journey – At FiftyThree, we love to inspire. Currently we do this by featuring the great work that our community creates on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. But we wanted to bring inspiration even closer to the creative process, so we built a Made With Paper stream directly into Paper.

Homegrown DevOps Tools at Stack Exchange – A lot of tools available in IT/Sysadmin/Ops/DevOps are disappointing: They don’t fit your environment. They lack features or our designed for a different sort of environment (i.e cloud vs hardware, Linux vs Windows, distributed vs centralized etc).

Best Practice Linux Guide: Monitoring Tools [INFOGRAPHIC] – Monitoring is the key to maintaining a healthy infrastructure, and there are lots of products that claim to offer you Linux Support. But which product is the best for you?

Sysadmin Tips and Tricks – Using strace to Monitor System Calls – Linux admins often encounter rogue processes that die without explanation, go haywire without any meaningful log data or fail in other interesting ways without providing useful information that can help troubleshoot the problem.

Inside Google’s Decision To Stop Using MySQL – A week ago, news broke that Google will be switching database technologies. They’re moving from the industry standard in relational database management systems (DBMS), Oracle’s open-source MySQL, to MariaDB, a newer open source standard which is much quicker to adopt community fixes and improvements.

Escalation of Skills and Requirements in the Profession – The profession of system administration is maturing. Slowly, yes, but even over the past ten years, I can see progress from where we were. We might not all agree on the answers, but we can at least agree on some of the problems, and that’s a good thing.

Nagios, Sleep Data, and You – Ian Malpass once commented “[i]f Engineering at Etsy has a religion, it’s the Church of Graphs.”  And I believe!  Before I lay me down to sleep during an on-call shift, I say a little prayer that should something break, there’s a graph somewhere I can reference.

Enterprise IT

The Cloud Grows Up in the Enterprise, and So Do CIOs’ Concerns – An independent survey on current cloud adoption trends, commissioned by Compuware, confirms the tagline of VentureBeat’s upcoming CloudBeat 2013 events: The Cloud Grows Up.

IT Pros and BYOD Users See Support Much Differently – Are you dropping the ball when it comes to enterprise mobility? A new report suggests IT might be delivering poor mobile support to BYOD employees even though IT pros think they’re doing a good job. In other words, mobility is becoming a major point of contention in the rocky IT-business relationship — and tech leaders aren’t even aware there’s an issue.

The Dead-Simple Step-by-Step Guide for Front-End Developers to Getting Up and Running with Node.JS, Express, Jade, and MongoDB – There are approximately one hundred million tutorials on the web for getting a “Hello, World!” app running with Node.js. This is great! It’s especially great if your goal is to greet the world and then give up on your web career and go spend the rest of your life as, like, a jockey or something. That doesn’t really describe most of us, so we go looking for more tutorials.

From Openess to Virtualization, Why Linux is Powering the Data Center – When the Linux kernel was first released by Linus Torvalds in 1991, it set in motion a fundamental shift in software development. Today, more than two decades later, Linux is the primary open source operating system that serves as the foundation for much of the technological innovation that consumers and businesses leverage daily.

7 Things About Working in I.T. You Don’t Learn in School – The “how” lands you a job, the “why” lands you a career. In I.T. there is what I call a “fetish of the how”. We are obsessed with finding and showing quick and intelligent solutions for problems that abstract away the original issues in order to make us more effective and use less time to achieve our goals.

Enterprise IT’s New Mandate: Drive Austerity and Innovation – Because enterprise technology has become so deeply infused within every facet of business today, people are often shocked to find out that the tech sector makes up only a tiny portion of global GDP – a little less than $1 trillion out of the $56-trillion global economy.

BYOD Trend Brings New Security Challenges for IT: Allowing Greater Access While Protecting Networks – While so-called BYOD isn’t necessarily new—IT departments, after all, have been supporting mobile “road warriors” since the 1980s, the rising tide of end users seeking the use and support of their own consumer devices is something quite different.


Intel’s Laser Chips Could Make Data Centers Run Better – Intel hopes to make computing far more efficient by introducing a technology that replaces conventional copper data cables with faster optical data links. The breakthrough required Intel to fit lasers and other optical components onto silicon chips, which usually deal only with electronic signals.

Servers on Demand: Custom Water-Cooled Servers in One Hour – In 2006, word began to emerge that Google was building its own servers to make its infrastructure faster and cheaper. The search giant wasn’t alone, though.

eBay Turns on Frst-of-its-Kind Fuel Cell-Powered Data Center – The world’s first data center powered primarily with fuel cells has finally been switched on in Utah by its owner, eBay. Its an unusual test bed which will give eBay insight into cleaner power and distributed energy.


SQLAuthority News – IT Security for Small Businesses – Headlines today are filled with news of cyber attacks on some of the biggest corporate houses. Recently, media players such as NY Times and Washington Post have borne the brunt of cyber attacks. You may think that if such big companies are this vulnerable to cyber threats, where does your small or medium-sized enterprise stand a chance?

RSA Peeks into the Bits of New Linux-based Trojan Hand of Thief – The Hand of Thief Trojan (or “HoT”) is commercial malware that was first released for sales in late July 2013 by an underground vendor in Russian-speaking cybercrime communities.

Why Most Stories About WordPress Security Are Wrong – I have often heard the remark “WordPress is insecure!” My response is “Where did you hear that?” and “When did you hear that?” My first question, ”WHERE did you hear that?” is a very important question.

Why Secure Systems Require Random Numbers – If you’ve been following recent news about technical spying by the US National Security Agency and the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters you may have come across a claim that the NSA was involved in weakening a random number generator.

This week, we leave you with a question. Have you ever wanted to build a Wall-E robot? If so, this fun video will show you just how to do that.

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