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American enterprise encompasses businesses of all sizes, from one-person operations to employers of thousands, with the SMBs that form the backbone of any economy lying somewhere in between.

The vast majority of these businesses have, or should have, a presence on the Internet. They need infrastructure, hosting, and development to make their mark.

Almost every one of these businesses also dreams of growing beyond what they are. They need to be sure that the infrastructure that underpins any modern entrepreneurial venture will be able to keep up with the pace of change. Hosting companies are an essential component in enabling business to remain responsive to changing market conditions and demand. Companies entrust their bottom line to the hosting industry in the expectation that when the time comes, their online presence will be as flexible as their management requires.

To maintain that sort of nimbleness, high bandwidth connections and large reserves of processing power and storage are necessary, but they aren’t sufficient. Hosting providers also need to have the ability to deploy, control, retask, and scale that infrastructure with minimal lead times while avoiding the dreaded downtime that cuts into their client’s revenue streams.

There have been a couple of high-profile failures to scale in recent weeks. When Google announced that they were withdrawing their beloved-by-some Google Reader RSS service, its users scrambled to find alternatives. Many of those potential alternatives simply weren’t ready for the increased load and suffered various levels of reduced availability, latency, or downtime.

In another recent example of failure to scale, the release of the newest SimCity game brought terrible user experience stories because EA had failed to properly deploy the necessary infrastructure to cope with increased demand.

The last thing hosting and data center clients want is that the moment of their greatest potential success instead becomes one of frustration and lost opportunities. In an age of constant media scrutiny and social media virality, the story can very quickly shift from one of approval to grumbling about incompetence. That creates a stain on the reputation of hosting providers and their clients that isn’t forgotten, either by the businesses or their customers.

Obtaining fine-grained control that lets system administrators do their jobs without limiting the scope of their ability to act is the only way that a hosting company can expect to give businesses what they demand.

With high-caliber tools like the InterWorx control panel available, there’s not really much excuse for hosting companies to fail to meet those demands.

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