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Seven Great iOS apps for SysAdmins

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The iPad and the iPhone have been a great boon to system administrators. Ever since they were released, sys admins everywhere have been using their phones and tablets to do their jobs while on the move in the data center and even from outside it.

With the surge of interest in system administration on iOS devices, developers were eager to capitalize, which lead to a large number of apps of very mixed quality.

We’re going to have a look at 7 apps that we’ve found genuinely useful to help you steer clear of the dross.


Top of the list is this great terminal emulator that works well for SSH and telnet (if you must). It supports emulation of VT100, VT102, VT220, ANSI, xterm, and xterm-color terminals, and has a useful connection organizers for navigating your sessions.


While iSSH does support RDP and VNC for remote desktop connections, iTap has apps dedicated to both that are somewhat more featureful. They work well on the iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch. Both RDP and VNC apps implement tight security and encrypted connections.

FTP On The Go

Next up is one of the best FTP apps around. It does pretty much everything you would want from an FTP client, including support for FTP and SFTP, a built-in text editor, and a lot of handy file management tools.


Being able to access and maintain servers is not very useful if you can’t also keep a close eye on how they’re doing. Server Monitor can connect over SSH to Unix-based servers and retrieve uptimes, load averages, and various other details, as well as including a log viewer and mini terminal.

Server Admin Remote

In the –– perhaps unlikely –– event that you’re running servers on Mac OS X, then this is the ap you need for monitoring and control on your iOS device.  The app includes the ability to monitor the status of services, stop and start  them, and view logs.


Mobile isn’t all about control; it’s also a great way to create and use all sorts of information that’s useful to sysadmins. OmniGraffle is one of the best tools we’ve coming across for quickly creating network diagrams and process flow diagrams.

This is just a small selection of the available apps for iOS that are of use to system administrators and network engineers. We’d love to hear what you guys are using, so feel free to let us know on Twitter or Facebook.

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