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Looking in the rear view mirror, the highlight of July was definitely National SysAdmin Day. Although it is only one day a year, we should be letting these men and women know how much they are appreciated year-round. So, thank you again for all of the good work you do! Moving forward, we’ve gathered the best System Administration, Hosting, Security, and Enterprise IT content from July for your convenience. Let us know what you think in the comment section and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, where we share the best content that we come across every day.

System Administration

How to speed up MongoDB Map Reduce by 20x – Analytics is becoming an increasingly important topic with MongoDB since it is in use for more and more large critical projects. People are tired of using different software to do analytics (Hadoop being pretty involving), and they typically require a massive transfer of data that can be costly.

Your First Month as a Systems Administrator – Congratulations on getting that systems administration job that you’ve worked hard for!  Now, it’s time to get both feet wet and get after it. As with any job, there are two general areas that you should excel in when you first become a sysadmin.

Help a Sysadmin: Common Ground for Security Professionals and System Administrators – A natural conflict often arises between system administrators and the security team. Sysadmins like building new stuff and the security team sees another hole. The security team likes rapid patching, but sysadmins worry about insufficient testing.

Top 10 Free System Troubleshooting Tools for SysAdmins – To conclude our SysAdmin Week series, we thought of sharing 10 of the best free tools / packages for troubleshooting system issues – one of the biggest headaches for sys admins! These tools should help you, as an admin, to fix the problem or identify the root cause more quickly.

6 Ways the Cloud Can Change a Sys Admin’s Job – In honor of System Administrator Appreciation Day (yes, we know it was officially last week, but hey, we think everyday should be sys admin day), we thought we would clarify a few things about how the cloud can make a sys admin’s job easier by eliminating many of those tedious day-to-day tasks you’d rather not be doing anyway.

Improve Your Linux Performance With These Crucial Debugging Tools – When working with a Linux server, issues occur. The system may experience slow downs, or database failures. There are several methods of fixing these issues.

A Brief History of Cloud Computing – Believe it or not, “cloud computing” concepts date back to the 1950s when large-scale mainframes were made available to schools and corporations. The mainframe’s colossal hardware infrastructure was installed in what could literally be called a “server room,” and multiple users were able to access the mainframe via “dumb terminals.”

Enterprise IT

Data Center Size, Infrastructure Determined by Type of Enterprise – Data center size and shape for enterprise IT shops may be changing, thanks to a confluence of numerous factors. Virtualization and the rise of Internet applications that tap into cloud-based services have given rise to a number of computing services to keep those applications humming along.

Data Centers ‘Ill-Equipped’ for Virtualisation, Cloud Era – A survey of 1,750 workers in enterprises around the globe suggests that many data centers are poorly equipped for the challenges of cloud computing and virtualisation.

Green IT: How Infrastructure as a Service Can Lead to 80% Energy Savings – The data center industry, especially cloud providers, has recently been in the spotlight for massive power consumption. For example, if the industry were a country, it would be in the Top 15 users of energy, somewhere between Spain and Italy.

Red Hat on RHEL 7, MariaDB and Enterprise Linux [VIDEO] – Earlier this year, Red Hat shook up the organizational structure for its Linux platform. Tim Burke, the exec that had been leading Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux efforts, has shifted over to the cloud. In his place, Denise Dumas, who had been working as part of Burke’s team for the past five years, now leads the RHEL efforts.

The Matrix Of Hell And Two Open-Source Projects For The Emerging Agnostic Cloud – Docker, an app container service from the co-founder at DotCloud, and Salt, an open DevOps platform from the founder of SaltStack, were mentioned this past week at OSCON as two of the most exciting new open-source efforts.

Remote Workers’ Success Starts With IT Support – Managing the increasing technology demands of telecommuting employees isn’t easy for any business, but it can be especially challenging for small business. However, it doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult.

Mobile IT Could be More Disruptive than Anticipated – Mobile IT strategies are fast becoming the norm for all types of UK businesses, but this seismic change could be more disruptive than some CIOs and senior management have anticipated.


Who Really Pays For Free Website Hosting? – Although the money doesn’t come directly out of your pocket, there can be little doubt that the cost of free website hosting is paid for by you. Take a look at the typical free website hosting or blog site—like

What Is Cloud Hosting? – As the internet continues to dominate on a global level, connection speeds quicken and hosting companies increasingly become more competitively priced, there has been a growth in the use of cloud hosting to manage file hosting solutions.


The Perils of Securing the Computer in Your Pocket – If computers themselves are relatively new in the grand scheme of things, then mobile devices are incredibly new. And likewise, just as we’ve spent the better part of the last two or three decades figuring out how to secure the traditional computer, there is probably a long road ahead for mobile security as well.

AT&T’s Self-Destructing Email Is a Pipe Dream – As a society, we’re obsessed with online security. The realization that government agencies (namely the National Security Agency) have access to anything we do on the Internet might have been an eye-opener, but the fact that the web is leaky is far from news. Government access to data is just the tip of the iceberg.

Once More into the Breach: How Hackers Compromise Websites Like Apple’s – Unless you happen to call the proverbial rock home, you’ve probably heard that Apple’s developer websites were recently hit by a hacking attack.

5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Business Against Hackers – Even as you read this sentence, online thievery is taking place. Fortunately, by taking the proper precautions, your business can avoid the online threat and wipe out any problems that threaten to arise.

In honor of Douglas Engelbart, who passed away in July, we’ll leave you with this amazing video of the inventor of the mouse demoing the mouse-driven modern desktop computing environment in 1968.

Doug Engelbart 1968 Demonstration from Nathan Garrett on Vimeo.


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