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If you’ve been following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, you’ll have noticed that we like to share the best content that we come across every day. We share things that are interesting to us as the developers of the Interworx Control Panel, and that we think will be of interest to our clients in the hosting industry and to system administrators in general.

Each month, we’re also going to to publish a digest of the month’s best content, so you can see it all in one place.

System Administration

An Introduction to the OSI Model – Instead of serving as protocol, the OSI model has become a teaching tool that shows how different tasks within a network should be handled in order to promote error-free data transmission.

NoSQL showdown: MongoDB vs. Couchbase – Document databases may be the most popular NoSQL database variant of them all. Their great flexibility – schemas can be grown or changed with remarkable ease – makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, and their object nature fits in well with current programming practices.

Planning For Scale With Enterprise NoSQL – All applications have inherent limits in what they can support. As organizations grow, so do their expectations on the apps they use. Development and operations teams need to plan for large scale from day one — not react to it when it finally happens.

How to teach a Java EE app new NoSQL tricks – With Couchbase 2.0’s recent release, it seemed to me the perfect time for my colleagues and I to try to port the Pet Store as a NoSQL application. What may surprise you is how little work it required. See for yourself in our extensive guide; you can find our code for this project on GitHub as well.

The Mental Model Mismatch – Humans think in terms of mental models. In IT it is our responsibility to help them form accurate models as well as deal with inaccurate models that exist.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself – Avocado’s 5 Early Stages Of Architecture Evolution – When just starting you just want to get stuff done, pretty much regardless of how it’s done. How do you decide what needs fixing? What Avacodo did was purposefully test their software, look for weaknesses, fix them, iterate.

Monitoring Client NFS Storage with nfsiostat – Many times a centralized storage solution is used for running applications, so using iostat to monitor I/O devices on the compute nodes doesn’t tell me anything. What I need is a way to monitor NFS filesystem usage on the compute nodes.

Blocking Port Scan Attacks with psad – Port Scan Attack Detector (psad) allow us detect and block possible port scan or suspicious traffic in real time.

Enterprise IT

Which Tech Duties Can I Outsource? 15 Entrepreneurs Weigh In – Keeping as many competencies as possible in-house gives us better quality and cost control, and allows us to be very nimble. Updates to our website, product photos, and layouts for our catalogs and advertisements are all done in-house.

One Of The Most Green Data Centers In The World – When it came time for the lab to build its own high performance computing (HPC) data center, the NREL team knew it would have to be made up of firsts: The first HPC data center dedicated solely to advancing energy systems integration, renewable energy research, and energy efficiency technologies.

Intel wants to kill the traditional server rack with 100Gbps links – Intel is working to replace the traditional server rack with a more efficient architecture that separates CPU, storage, power, and networking resources into individual components that can be swapped out as needed.

100Gbps Ethernet – is it time to move? – Do you need 100Gbps Ethernet? The real questions seem to be whether you are willing to pay for it and, given the growth of traffic within the datacentre, whether it is unavoidable.

Cloud, DevOps, and the Enterprise – At last week’s conference in Santa Clara, California, a speaker asked the audience how many people were implementing Private Clouds. A few dozen of the fifty or so attendees raised their hands. Then he asked how many of them were implementing automated self-service. All the hands went down.


Compress Data More Densely With Zopfli – The Zopfli Compression Algorithm is a new open sourced general purpose data compression library that got its name from a Swiss bread recipe. It is an implementation of the Deflate compression algorithm that creates a smaller output size compared to previous techniques.

Basic Apache Server Security Tips – Apache HTTP Server is by far the most widely used web server software in the world. Most web hosting providers will host your website on a server running Apache, and many of the web’s top sites run Apache


HTML5 Exploit Can Allow Websites To Fill Up Your Hard Drive – A 22-year-old Web developer from Stanford, Feross Aboukhadijeh, has discovered that a slip-up in the implementation of HTML5 in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari (Opera has been ruled out) can be exploited to fill a viewer’s entire hard drive.

Virtualized Security Offers Challenges (But Not as Many as You Think) – Small and medium-sized businesses are beginning to find that virtualized network security isn’t as different as physical network security as they thought. This makes cloud adoption simpler, but it also presents unique challenges.

One Password Cracked And Your Business Is History – One thing that always makes me feel a bit uneasy when I blog or tweet is exposing myself to spearphising vectors. One such vector I’ve mentioned a few times is the fact that I use Google Apps.

“Massive” Cyberattack Wasn’t Really So Massive – An attack that disrupted Internet service over the past week would have been stopped by a simple Web server configuration fix that’s been understood for a decade but is widely ignored by Web companies, experts say.

And to round off with, here’s an awesome time-lapse video that shows the beauty of our planet from space:

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