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Now that school is ending for the year, we have your summer reading list compiled and ready. We’ve gathered the best System Administration, Hosting, Security, and Enterprise IT content from May in one convenient place.  Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

System Administration

Best Linux Tools for Enterprise Developers and Systems Administrators – It’s a testament to Linux’s ubiquity and versatility today that so many “best of” lists are published focusing on the free and open source operating system.

Software Defined Data Center Analytics – Moving the configuration of the environment from the hardware that supports the environment to a layer of software which can collectively manage all of the storage, networking, compute, and memory resources of the environment is one of the main points of the SDDC.

7 Big Data Trends That Will Impact Your Business – The topic of big data continues to pulsate with vigor in the market, as demonstrated by the wide variety of data innovations emerging daily and the talented professionals successfully pursuing the creation and use of big data solutions.

What does BYOD Mean to Your Datacenter Strategy? – When the first iPhones came to market back in the summer of 2007, they changed the way people think about phones. That was the beginning of the smartphone, and today, almost six years later, smartphones are outselling non-feature phones and have become the device of choice. Smartphones have transformed the way people communicate, shop, and work.

Understanding the Potential of Software-Defined Networking – In the past two decades, enormous innovation has taken place on top of the Internet architecture. Email, e-commerce, search, social networks, cloud computing, and the web as we know it are all good examples. With the evolution of cloud computing and virtualization, IT managers have had to change in recent years the way we interact with technology.

Hadoop: What It Is And How It Works – You can’t have a conversation about Big Data for very long without running into the elephant in the room: Hadoop. This open source software platform managed by the Apache Software Foundation has proven to be very helpful in storing and managing vast amounts of data cheaply and efficiently.

Enterprise IT

How Linux Found its Home in the Enterprise – When I first started using Linux, I was certain my platform of choice was going to take every aspect of computing by storm — and do so fairly quickly. And with good reason. It didn’t suffer from the same show-stopping flaws that plagued the Windows platform, it was cost effective, it was reliable… and it was secure.

Big Data Hype vs. Solutions : Why the Gap? How to Fix It? – Over 85 percent of both business and IT respondents agree that Big Data offers substantial value in its ability to foster a data-driven culture and make intelligent business decisions. Despite the perceived business benefits, more than half of respondents rate Big Data project success so far as lukewarm (somewhat successful), and only 23 percent of them perceive Big Data projects to be a success.

Big Data — For Better or Worse – A full 90% of all the data in the world has been generated over the last two years. The internet companies are awash with data that can be grouped and utilised. Is this a good thing?

Cisco Buying Energy Software Maker JouleX – Cisco Systems is bulking up its capabilities around data networks and the Internet of Things with the acquisition of JouleX, whose technology enables businesses to better monitor and manage the energy usage of devices connected to the network.

Rethinking Enterprise Networks: Transformative Approach to Fuel the Cloud – It’s clear that cloud computing has transformed the enterprise IT landscape, from the computing infrastructure layer up through enterprise software, as companies move to leverage more efficient and cost-effective service-delivery models and bring new cloud-based products and services to the market.

Enterprise Encryption Technologies – Part 1 – Lately I have been working more and more in the cloud as a security architect, and my current focus has been on encryption and key management technologies. What is interesting is that there isn’t a lot of difference between the encryption technologies we use in the cloud and the encryption technologies we use in an enterprise.

Consumerization of IT: Mobile Data Management – Gartner has predicted that in “2013 mobile phones will overtake PCs as the most common Web access device worldwide” and that “by 2015 media tablet shipments will reach around 50 percent of laptop shipments.” The prevalence of ‘work anywhere’ devices heralds a time of unprecedented change that is partly being driven by mobile and cloud computing.


How Small Web Hosts Can Differentiate from the Big Guys – Without the same resources that hosting giants like AWS and Rackspace have at their disposal, small hosting and cloud providers have to be creative in order to win and keep customers. For managed hosting and cloud services provider Opus Interactive, differentiating from large providers takes a variety of tactics and tools.

What to Do When Good Hosts Go Bad – Like any business, a once-popular Web hosting provider can go downhill over time. If you watch for the signs of deterioration, you can take steps to prevent this situation from harming your business. Most providers don’t turn bad overnight, so there’s time to find a solution before your website or email accounts disappear.


Cyber-Security is Everyone’s Gig – Most of us have an idea of what cyber-security is, but our definitions probably vary quite a lot. So before we can begin to take steps to protect ourselves and our systems, we have to decide first, exactly what we’re trying to protect ourselves from. Let’s take a look at some of the different perspectives.

Online Gaming Company Recounts Fighting for Survival vs. DDoS Attacks – Fighting denial-of-service attacks has become a matter of survival for some businesses that find their websites getting smashed and network flooded by attackers. Online gaming company SG Interactive says it’s under constant attack and the only way to keep going is to set up an anti-DDoS defense.

Attack Hitting Apache Sites Goes Mainstream, Hacks nginx, Lighttpd, too – Security researchers have uncovered an ongoing and widespread attack that causes sites running three of the Internet’s most popular Web servers to push potent malware exploits on visitors.

Twitter Now Offers Two-Factor Authentication – The recent hack of The Associated Press’ Twitter account showed the true power and impact the social media platform can have. After hackers took over the news organization’s account and reported that President Barack Obama was seriously injured, the S&P 500 briefly took a significant dip.

Large Attacks Hide More Subtle Threats In DDoS Data – The massive avalanche of data in March that crashed down on Spamhaus, the maintainer of a number of spam blacklists, made headlines as the largest distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack witnessed to date.

We’ll leave you this month with a time lapse video that shows you what Curiosity has been up to on Mars for the last nine months.


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