Category: CommunityThe Monthly Round-Up: October’s Best System Administration, Hosting, Security, and Enterprise IT Content

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Was the scariest part of Halloween thinking that you may have missed all the great System Administration, Hosting, Security, and Enterprise IT content from October? Don’t worry. We went ahead and rounded up the best articles into one place for your convenience. Let us know your favorites in the comment section and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, where we share the same great content the rest of the month.

System Administration

SSL Performance Overhead in MySQL – Some of you may recall my security webinar from back in mid-August; one of the follow-up questions that I was asked was about the performance impact of enabling SSL connections.

21 Terrifying SysAdmin Tales for Halloween – Halloween is upon us, and everyone loves a good scary story. To get you ready for Trick-or-Treating, and to provide a break from the non-stop monster movies on TV this week, we’re going to share 21 of our favorite SysAdmin horror vignettes.

PCI Compliance – The Good, The Bad, and The Insecure – Does having a PCI compliant website and business means they are bulletproof, or better, hacker proof? This first part of this PCI compliance article looks into, and explains the shortcoming of compliancy, specifically focusing on the popular Payment Card Industry compliance (PCI).

Meet Your New Network Admin: The Linux Admin (and Vice Versa) – Last week, Dinesh Dutt outlined the thinking behind Cumulus Networks’ Linux-based networking solution. The whole piece is a great read, but to distill his point, he makes the case for running Linux on network switches and discusses how Cumulus uses constant inspection of the Linux netlink socket family to modify the actions of ASICs within the switch.

Why NoSQL Databases Are Gaining Fans – Did you hear about MongoDB’s $150 million venture capital haul announced last week? How about DataStax’s $45 million round in July or Couchbase’s $25 million infusion in August?

Migrating to MariaDB from MySQL – Ever since Oracle bought MySQL a fair number of MySQL users started looking for an alternative, due mainly to doubts that Oracle would be a good steward of a key software project.

Enterprise IT

3 Reasons to Prepare Your IT Department for Cloud Computing – Information technology has undergone a dramatic shift during the past year. You’ve probably noticed investment in technology infrastructure like servers and personal computers has slackened as of late in a growing number of corners in the business world

Cloud Can Simplify and Empower Enterprise IT – It looks like cloud computing is taking over. So if cloud is the future, then what might our future technology landscape look like? The two largest centers of gravity in most IT departments are their back-end ERP and front-end CRM platforms.

BYOD Creates Big Headache for Enterprise IT – Enterprises continue to struggle with BYOD management, despite a plethora of available solutions and services designed to alleviate the pain. During last week’s Gartner ITxpo in Orlando, IT professionals told me BYOD ranked as one of their top concerns, right up there with recruiting and retaining top staff.

Transitional Coexistence: Singing an IT Harmony in the Enterprise – When a new kind of technology hits the enterprise, internal IT teams across the world have the same discussion — Do we build it, buy it or keep what we have?  Implementing a cutting edge solution, whether it is hardware, software, or both, comes at a high cost.

Post-PC Means it’s Time for Enterprise IT to Change – A friend of mine asked me today for some advice about a problem he needs to solve. He has a mobile workforce, several thousand people strong. They all have tablets — let’s assume the devices are iPads, although they don’t need to be. Each tablet has its own cellular connection.

A Tale of Three OpenStack Clouds : 50,000 Cores in Production at CERN – I had several questions at the recent GigaOm conference in London regarding the OpenStack environments at CERN. This blog entry explains the different instances and their distinct teams of evaluation and administration.

Keep Your Eyes on the Enterprise – Change happens in IT whether you want it to or not. But even with all the talk of the “post-PC” era and the rise of the horrifically named “bring your own device” hype, change has happened in a patchwork.


8 Reasons to Fear Cloud Computing – By 2014, cloud computing is expected to become a $150 billion industry. And for good reason — whether users are on a desktop computer or mobile device, the cloud provides instant access to data anytime, anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Hulk Hogan Steps Out of the Ring and into the Data Center with Hostamania Launch – US wrestler Hulk Hogan is starting a new business venture, and it’s probably not what you would expect. On Friday, Hostamania announced that it will begin accepting web hosting customers at the end of October.

GoDaddy Acquires Web Hosting Service Media Temple – In a major shakeup to the Web hosting landscape, GoDaddy, the world’s largest domain name registrar and Web hosting provider, has acquired Media Temple.


ZeroMQ: Helping us Block Malicious Domains in Real Time – Every day, we process terabytes of data in order to spot malicious domains based on their network features and how they are accessed. Our live dataset comes from two major sources

Six Stupid Security Mistakes Developers Keep Making – I’m a technology journalist right now, but in prior lives, I built sites, apps, and software, including a social online-learning site for 500,000 users and a kid-tastic simplified Windows shell for a Disney PC.

What the Internet of Things Means for Security – You’ve probably been hearing a lot lately about the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT, while still in the early stages of development, is slowly making its way into the mainstream.

DDoS Attack Used ‘Headless’ Browsers In 150-Hour Siege – “Headless” browsers pummeled a trading platform’s website this past week in a rare form of a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that lasted for 150 hours.

The fox might have been a popular costume this year, but we’ll leave you with the music video that has always defined Halloween.

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