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Security researchers recently showed that the company behind the MacKeeper application exposed the data of millions of its users. We’re used to hearing about such security breaches, but in this case it didn’t happen because of a software vulnerability or a clever social engineering attack. It happened because the MongoDB database used by the company […]

Jan 14, 2016, 11:29 amBy: Corey Northcutt (0) Comments

Severalnines is considering making an InterWorx plugin, so they sent in this guest post to see how much interest there is in the InterWorx community for their services and database clustering in general. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below! This guest post was submitted by Vinay Joosery, CEO of Severalnines. […]

Aug 20, 2013, 2:18 pmBy: InterWorx (3) Comments

InterWorx does not currently support MariaDB, but it’s an interesting prospect. What do you think? Let us know in the comments or the forums! For many years, MySQL was the leader of the pack when it came to open source relational databases. In recent years, however, the MySQL fork, MariaDB, has been making significant headway […]

May 30, 2013, 5:13 pmBy: InterWorx (7) Comments

InterWorx has not been tested with Redis — do you think it would be useful for your hosting business? Let us know in the comments! In recent years, we’ve seen an explosion of different database technologies and experimental database designs that have been developed to better cope with the scale and responsiveness demands of the […]

May 9, 2013, 11:26 amBy: InterWorx (1) Comment


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