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A Quest for the Ultimate Server Interface

The InterWorx Story

Humble Beginnings

InterWorx began as a vision in 2001, while server software as we know it today was only beginning to take shape.  As the industry was just beginning to tinker with automation, the first of the so-called web hosting control panels were being built, but the hosting people at Nexcess had other ideas. Although other software also saw some success at making life easier for website owners, hosting vendors, and server administrators, these were solutions in search of problems: created opportunistically instead of by the people that used them most.

Control Panel Era

In 2005, InterWorx, LLC, a 100% independent entity that would power dozens of web hosts following a very successful launch at HostingCon.  At this point, InterWorx could go toe-to-toe on all major features with the industry’s leaders, but it didn’t end there.  Features like gorgeous system graphs, a single interface to manage all server daemons, and the ability to seamlessly scale load-balanced server clusters were just a few of the advancements that set InterWorx ahead as the obvious pick for functionality and user experience.

Platform Era

In 2014, InterWorx took another major leap forward, announcing the bare metal cloud.  In essence, through advancements to the app’s high availability load balancing and various other uptime-maximizing multi-server features, InterWorx has moved beyond being just an interface.  It’s a platform.  And, when compared to major cloud software vendors, InterWorx now competes with every major advantage, while avoiding a 65% risk of data loss that exists with virtualization. InterWorx continues to work great on VPS and cloud servers. But, for uptime-maximizing web hosts and larger sites, InterWorx’s bare metal cloud functionality has supplied a more efficient and reliable way to host, when compared to the more common “virtual cloud”.

The Future

Today, InterWorx is the most advanced solution available for consumer and enterprise hosted services.  Our uptime potential vastly exceeds that of the common cloud solution, as InterWorx hosting does not suffer from the single point of failure that is a system of virtualization.  It also keeps up with enterprise load balancing in features, while lacking the extreme price tag of enterprise network appliances.  And, our interface has become as seasoned as the best of them, refined enough for even a total novice.  As the future unfolds, we’re committed to continuing our history as the most innovative solution for hosting, cloud, and enterprise applications.

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