Category: Comparison of cPanel vs. Plesk vs. DirectAdmin vs. InterWorx

I want tobetter. Compare leaders in:

Web Hosting Cloud Enterprise
compare-iworxInterWorx 5 compare-cpanelcPanel 11.44 compare-pleskPlesk Panel 11.5 compare-daDirectAdmin 1.43
Advertised Control Panel Price
Monthly license
Quarterly license
Annual license
Owned license
Monthly VPS license
Automated scaling across multiple servers
Auto-recovery from hardware failure
Avg. days to acknowledge an exploit
Avg. days to resolve an exploit
Site owners can create sub-users
Server admin & reseller-level sub-users
Permission settings for all sub-users
reCaptcha-protected web login
Multiple SSL certificates per site
View & terminate current shell sessions
Browse user SSH command history
Configurable reseller hosting packages
CSS-brandable reseller experience
Brand Experience
CSS-based theme system
Multiple language packs
Time Saving
Manage all daemons from one screen
One screen shows full system health
Fast, RPM-based installation
Full API Coverage (SOAP, XMLRPC, and CLI interfaces)
Advanced IPv6 Management via IPv6 Pools
Multiple IPs (v4 and v6) per domain
IPv6 diagnostic tools
Manage MySQL databases, users, & permissions
phpMyAdmin integration
View & terminate running queries
PostgreSQL Support
E-mail, Spam, & Viruses
Configurable mailboxes, forwarders, quotas
Configurable spam filtering
E-mail virus protection
Domainkeys (DKIM) & SPF records
Global white & black lists
Log Viewer
Secure Remote Assistance Feature
Problem Detection/Notification/Repair System
Graphical Real Time Usage Statistics
Scalability features
High availability load balancing
External MySQL servers (one or multiple)
External file servers
External DNS syncronization
Real-time graphs of clustered servers
Supporting Software


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