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Released as Beta on 2019-07-09   Enhancements: Updated iworxphp72-php-ioncube-loader to 10.3.7 Updated iworxphp72-php to 7.2.20 Added login_failures.log to record failed log in attempts for NodeWorx and SiteWorx Added support for protocol in ftp transfer logs The sending server hostname will now be set in the subject of system health alert emails Bug Fixes: Updated the […]

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Released as Beta on 2019-06-10 Released as Release Candidate on 2019-06-18 Released as Release on 2019-07-09   Enhancements: Updated iworxphp72-php to 7.2.19 Added a setting to specify a domain to override the lost password email link Bug Fixes: Fixed editing of hosts.allow when adding NFS exports with CIDR notation Fixed some typos in the backup […]

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Released as Beta on 2019-05-22 Released as Release Candidate on 2019-06-04 Released as Release on 2019-06-18 Enhancements: Improved handling of CLI multi-line inputs in interactive mode Added an action to the import.pex script to preserve an existing SiteWorx account on import Bug Fixes: iworxphp72-php will now use systemctl rather than service if avaialable Fixed a […]

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Released as Beta on 2019-05-07 Released as Release Candidate on 2019-05-21 Released as Release on 2019-06-04 Enhancements: Updated iworxphp72-php to 7.2.18 Added support for CIDR notation IPs to NFS exports Bug Fixes: The LiteSpeed Plugin can no longer be enabled in the GUI if LiteSpeed is not detected Fixed a bug where certain upgrade prep […]

May 8, 2019, 10:17 amBy: InterWorx (0) Comments

Released as Beta on 2019-04-16 Released as Release Candidate on 2019-04-24 Released as Release on 2019-05-21   Enhancements: Updated iworxphp72-php to 7.2.17 Updated iworxphp72-php-ioncube-loader to 10.3.4 Webmail configs (Horde/Roundcube) are now managed by the template system Bug Fixes: Importing a SiteWorx backup over an existing SiteWorx account with the same master domain but a different […]

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