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Features R1SOFT plugin updated to support both CDP2.x and CDP3.x versions. It is now possible to change web server ports from 80 and 443 to alternate ports. This allows custom setups with other software listening on port 80 and/or 443 and proxy to the alternate web ports. Via the Command Line Interface (CLI), it is now possible […]

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Changes File transfer of backups for mass transfers will now fallback to sftp if scp fails or is unavailable. Bug Fixes Resellers can no longer be assigned “0” storage allocation. Corrected an issue with the action “success” banner disappearing too quickly on new installs. Fixed an issue with unclustering a cluster node if the unbinding of the […]

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CLI Changes Command line interface can now use the “-u” and “–login_email” parameters to login as different user accounts and/or resellers. Bug Fixes Fixed a problem with roundcube webmail not being able to send messages. Fixed problem editing SiteWorx accounts with no nickname set, when not changing the account password. Fixed a problem with untranslated message when […]

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Features Expanded IDN (International Domain Name) support to TLD (Top Level Domains). Scheduled backups in Siteworx can now be disabled server-wide via the Nodeworx.Settings page. New powerful command line scripts for analyzing qmail log files (a future update will integrate these into the gui). Added SFTP configuration settings in Nodeworx.System Services.FTP Server – defaults to on, port 24. […]

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Features SiteWorx packages and Reseller Packages can now be exported and imported easily. InterWorx CLI now has an alternate output-style called “pretty” that will output lists of data as json, formatted to be easily readable by humans. Added descriptions for backup options in NodeWorx.Settings that needed them. Webmail Changes Squirrelmail upgraded to 1.4.22 Added a number […]

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