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Features SiteWorx packages and Reseller Packages can now be exported and imported easily. InterWorx CLI now has an alternate output-style called “pretty” that will output lists of data as json, formatted to be easily readable by humans. Added descriptions for backup options in NodeWorx.Settings that needed them. Webmail Changes Squirrelmail upgraded to 1.4.22 Added a number […]

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Bug Fixes Fixed a problem editing the master nodeworx user info on very old installs. Made the “Default Sites” feature actions cascade on cluster nodes.

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Features Turkish language translation added (partial). Updated the Czech translation. Due to popular demand, removed the siteworx and nodeworx “Logout” popup windows. Bug Fixes Fixed problem with Dns queryZone API action failing in non-web environments. Fixed a bug with suspending and unsuspending accounts. Fixed a problem creating backups via the Nodeworx admin interface, when a […]

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Changes Added support for more advanced firewall allow/deny hosts rules (including port ranges) Bug Fixes Fixed a problem changing local delivery status on cluster nodes. Fixed web based license activation. Fixed an error that allowed users to delete DNS records they should not have been able to delete. Fixed a problem with failing to detect that jailkit was successfully installed. […]

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Bug Fixes Fixed a minor bug in the display of ip addresses without dns services enabled.

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