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Notes Changed the default bandwidth notification thresholds to 95%. Added a .htaccess file to the phpmyadmin installation to block access to the “scripts” directory. Removed support for creation of 1024 bit SSL private keys since they are going out of style. (2048 is now default). Features Added Reseller bandwidth limit notification. Upgrades Upgraded Horde Webmail components. Horde: 3.3.11 […]

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Bug Fixes cvspermsfix.pex permissions correction script now properly fixes the vacation autoresponder program’s permissions. SiteWorx’s FTP directory chooser should now work with Internet Explorer 8. SiteWorx’s FTP directory chooser should now work with fresh installs. Fixed an issue with command queue event replay on nodes that have been off-line for a while.

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Features Advanced Unicode domain support. Interface displays punycode (xn--*) domain version along with Unicode version. Domains can be specified in either Unicode or punycode. Added pagination defaults to settings page. Added a new directory chooser interface when adding / editing ftp accounts. Horde webmail identities will now be included in backups and will be restored if present. Added […]

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Bug Fixes Fixed editing and deleting users with no permissions. Fixed bandwidth overage percentage reporting. Fixed a problem with e-mail-only notice recipients. Fixed a problem with deleting a cluster node. Fixed a problem with upgrade overwriting the ‘skel’ file entry in iworx.ini. Fixed a problem with added IPs cascading to a cluster node after initial setup. […]

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Bug Fixes Fixed a problem cascading MySQL server options in a cluster environment. Fixed a problem related to resellers and dns zones. Fixed MySQL server nickname editing. Fixed a problem with uploading backups to import via the web. Fixed roundcube webmail SQL upgrade problem.

Sep 21, 2012, 7:20 pmBy: InterWorx (0) Comments


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