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Interface Updated the ?Server?Firewall page to make it more clear that a single port OR a port range can be entered. Quickhelp added to that affect. API Changes Added 1 action /nodeworx/firewall : addPort Bug fixes Fixed a bug with setting shell passwords with certain characters in the password. Fixed a problem with web-setup crashing in some […]

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Features Added DNS Record interface in – CNAME, A, and TXT records can now be added by the user. Added DNS Record package option for Accounts – disabled by default. Added many service-related API functions. Added listVersion API action on /overview and /overview controllers. Added password-changing plugin to roundcube webmail. Added spamassassin configuration plugin to roundecube webmail. Updated French Language translation. Improvements […]

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Features Added DnsRecord::queryRecords API action Interface Changes Changed form error rows to display highlighted red, with a yellow “error” sign instead of the red X when a message is present, providing a visual cue to the user that mouse-overing the error sign will yield more details about the error. API Changes Added 2 actions /nodeworx/dns/record : listRecords […]

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Features upgraded roundcube webmail to 0.3.1 Bug fixes tightened validation on dns record adding in increased dns record target maxlength dns record add form now forces user to select the record type first fixed “Character set ‘utf8’ is not a compiled character set” when error message creating backup of horde address book fixed a bug where […]

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Notes This release is the first automatic update from version 3.x to 4.x. We recommend that all servers update to this version asap, and it should be applied automatically. Features SimpleScripts and Softaculous Plugins now have both a Account package option that can be used to disable the feature on a per-account basis, and also a User Permission, to optionally […]

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