Category: ChangelogVersion 4.1.0 build 243 (2009-11-12)

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  • upgraded roundcube webmail to 0.3.1

Bug fixes

  • tightened validation on dns record adding in
  • increased dns record target maxlength
  • dns record add form now forces user to select the record type first
  • fixed “Character set ‘utf8’ is not a compiled character set” when error message creating backup of horde address book
  • fixed a bug where apache would inherit misc environment variables from the environment when apache was restarted via.
  • fixed “could not create mailbox” error in horde webmail
  • fixed fixed cron e-mail notice “Could not find update match for *.iworx”
  • fixed a problem with the built javascript bundles periodically failing, which would manifest itself as the or  menus not functioning.
  • fixed a bug in hostname validation
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