Category: ChangelogVersion 4.1.0 build 247 (2009-12-08)

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  • Added DnsRecord::queryRecords API action

Interface Changes

  • Changed form error rows to display highlighted red, with a yellow “error” sign instead of the red X when a message is present, providing a visual cue to the user that mouse-overing the error sign will yield more details about the error.

API Changes

  • Added 2 actions
    1. /nodeworx/dns/record : listRecords
    2. /nodeworx/dns/record : queryRecords
  • Deprecated 1 action
    1. /nodeworx/dns/record : listRecordIds

Configuration Changes

  • Enabled squirrelmail server-thread-sort and server-side-sorting to speed up squirrelmail webmail for large mail boxes

Bug fixes

  • Firewall start interface now reports failure correctly if the firewall cannot be started.
  • Fixed load balancer connections graph with 4 or more cluster nodes.
  • Fixed an error with deleting a cluster node when the cluster manager’s mysql server is shut down.
  • Fixed a problem where the Automatic Updates status in would display “enabled” even if it was actually disabled by the user.
  • Fixed a bug in disabling mail local delivery in that would sometimes remove a needed newline from the qmail rcpthosts file.
  • Fixed ##LG_## errors in websetup / web based goiworx for new installs
  • Fixed a problem with testing the status of the local MySQL server, when custom changes to the “rootdsn” mysql server in iworx.ini were made prior to the 4.x branch.
  • Fixed a problem with toggling the imap4-ssl start-on-boot form.
  • Fixed a problem viewing the current “smtproutes” config in /nodeworx/mail/mta.
  • Fixed problem with SpamAssassin Form not accepting floating point numbers when it should.
  • Fixed SMTP Spam Treshold setting in not saving unless SMTP Spam Scanning is enabled
  • Fixed web-based goiworx, which broke after improvement to built javascript bundles.
  • Fixed restoring an existing account from a backup when the domain is on a dedicated IP, and the account already exists on the server.
  • Changing a account’s theme did not change the theme for all the users under that account.
  • Fixed an IP display problem in clusters on the MySQL Permissions page.
  • Adding accounts in a cluster would fail incorrectly if there were specific reseller limits set.
  • Fixed a problem accessing phpMyAdmin through some proxy servers
  • Adding a NS dns record would fail on the first attempt
  • SimpleScripts plugin is now more compatible with php open basedir restriction enabled.
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