Category: ChangelogVersion 4.11.0 build 456 (2012-12-10)

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  • SiteWorx account add form now has the option to create a new package based on the package options you select on that form.
  • Reseller account add form now has the option to create a new package based on the package options you select on that form.
  • Shell-user page now allows for a list of blacklisted unix user names, that cannot be created for SiteWorx accounts.
  • Pointer domains can now either alias an existing domain (old behavior) or redirect an any other domain (new behavior).
  • DKIM authenticated email support.
  • New Problem Detector for low-bit SSL certs.
  • New version of phpMyAdmin for el5 and el6.
  • Client-provided Dutch translation now available.


  • Firewall rules now include more robust validation.
  • Whitelisting server IPs directly in firewall configuration is no longer allowed, as this disables the firewall.
  • The external IP field is now filled in by default when InterWorx detects a new IP configured manually.
  • Installing an SSL cert won’t start the FTP server if it is already turned off.
  • Autoresponder message length extended.
  • DKIM/Domainkeys key generator generates more secure 1024 keys.
  • Added “–no-disabled” option to backup.pex, which can be used with the –domains=all option to only backup ACTIVE SiteWorx accounts.
  • Adding an IP on a cluster no longer unnecessarily starts services that were previously turned off.
  • Improved the look of the “Recent Visitors” page in clustered environments.
  • Notices are now less obstructive and more manageable.
  • EventHooks plugin does not provide “working domain” for SiteWorx actions.
  • Deleting a domain with lots of mail-pointers is much faster.
  • Upgraded included Zend Framework (security).
  • Password generator now includes simple numerals for increased randomness and security.
  • Edit profile link in Common Tasks no longer redirects to the User list page.
  • Free-form text area fields now include client-side length reporting and validation.
  • Improved default high-load notification levels based on CPU count.
  • Added headers to prevent autoreponders from responding to NodeWorx health alerts, backup emails or all automated emails.
  • Help pages now open in another window by default.
  • Spam Filter now features Maximum Size Controls.
  • Roundcube webmail junk folder is now “Spam” rather than “Junk”.
  • CVE-2003-1418 httpd no longer leaks inode information in its etag.
  • CVE-2003-1418 httpd-iworx no longer leaks inode information in its etag.
  • HTTP Trace and Track disabled.
  • Interworx Set-Cookie header now includes the ‘secure’ attribute.

Bug Fixes

  • Updating the Apache server ports now updates the ‘Listen’ directive.
  • Parallel SiteWorx account creation no longer results in a “broken” state for one of them.
  • Account deletion now deletes the user’s entries from jail-shell /etc/passwd.
  • When viewing the webserver configuration file, a 504 error no longer appears when scrolling and hitting cancel.
  • Setting a pointer domain to the hostname of the server no longer breaks everything.
  • Now able To delete Pointer Domain DNS Records from SiteWorx.
  • Certain unix usernames no longer break AWStats viewing in SiteWorx.
  • Terminating FTP sessions after an automatic session refresh no longer throws an error.
  • Multi-domain SSL certificate validation with odd case representation can no longer cause interface confusion.
  • SiteWorx MX record delete shows MX records for all domains.
  • Advanced SpamAssassin now features previously-missing options.
  • SpfDomain validator now allows underscores in the name.
  • Adding a new IP address by manually specifying a config in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts will propagate to nodes.
  • Editing load balancer policies for nodes with non-ip hostnames works.
  • Cluster Load Balancing Graphs no longer have node tabs.
  • Removed the “cascade to nodes?” query in the service controls for Load Balancer.
  • Command queue no longer dies if a SiteWorx account not equipped for email has a pointer domain added.
  • cPanel importer now imports e-mail box’s inbox, as well as other IMAP folders.
  • Direct-admin importer will no longer fail if the backup has uniqname over 8 characters.
  • CloudFlare Plugin now enables subdomains correctly.
  • Auto-enable shell account plugin now takes default shell into account.
  • SOA Serial number now updates properly.
  • csstest.html now loads images regardless of InterWorx theme is selected during download.
  • Fixed an error that would appear if just hitting enter after launching the interactive CLI.
  • Editing vacation message in Horde/IMP for users with 0/ directory hash works.
  • Fixed an error with some domain logs not being properly saved.
  • Tar during backup succeeds if a files changes during tarring.
  • Removing iworx_support user no longer deletes firewall rules other than its own.
  • iworxdb-backup.pex no longer throws php memory limit error.
  • iworxdb-transfer.pex script updated to migrate databases on EL6.
  • A change to the Softaculous install method no longer causes the automatic install trigger to fail.
  • Fixed error logs not being rotated and pruned.
  • Service start-on-boot check no longer gives a false positiive if the init script for the service was renamed or removed.
  • Suppressed bind-ip-alias non-fatal error mesages.
  • Apache logrotate script no longer unnecessarily starts Apache.
  • Fixed a “not logged in” error when a browser is logged into both NodeWorx and SiteWorx simultaneously.
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