Category: ChangelogVersion 4.11.4 Build 470 (2013-04-08)

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  • Fixed SpamAssassin incorrectly checking blacklists and applying scores to messages sent through Horde
  • Updated FTP information in API documentation
  • Fixed issue where CM allowed users to add a node with no VIPs set
  • Fixed an error message in the sasql_db squirrelmail module
  • Fixed a minor issue in cpanel importer
  • Fixed issue with adding load balancer services
  • Fixed issue where adding a package during SiteWorx creation broke the command queue
  • Adding a cluster node with external NFS in use now firewall-whitelists the external NFS on the CM and the node
  • Fixed issue where Command Queue/cluster-account-add dies if a SiteWorx account is moved to a reseller that does not have default nameservers set
  • IP System now matches interfaces with names like Auto_eth1
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