Category: ChangelogVersion 4.2.0 build 260 (2010-01-13)

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  • Added DNS Record interface in – CNAME, A, and TXT records can now be added by the user.
  • Added DNS Record package option for Accounts – disabled by default.
  • Added many service-related API functions.
  • Added listVersion API action on /overview and /overview controllers.
  • Added password-changing plugin to roundcube webmail.
  • Added spamassassin configuration plugin to roundecube webmail.
  • Updated French Language translation.
  • Improvements to the API documentation.

API Changes

  • Added 215 actions
  • Deprecated 10 actions

See for complete list.

  • Added ‘date_created’ to the querySiteworxAccountDetails action

Bug fixes

  • Fixed max connection setting for pop3, imap4, pop3-ssl, and imap4-ssl. “0” is no longer an accepted value.
  • Fixed error when trying to edit an empty .htaccess file.
  • Fixed a bug with autoresponder messages not being sent with charset header.
  • Fixed using a remote MySQL server with clustering.
  • Fixed a problem with htaccess trusted / block hosts, when no trusted hosts were specified.
  • Fixed a problem adding copyto, alias, and group members for very long e-mail addresses.
  • Suppressed extraneous “dev_mode” logging in iworx.log.
  • Fixed a problem with focus of form inputs and labels in FireFox
  • Fixed a problem where importing a Account that already exists on a server, with SSL on the account, fails to import the SSL certificate
  • Fixed Restoring partial backups from the interface failing.
  • Added missing MailMda start-on-boot message translations.
  • Fixed account mass transfer javascript error when no shared IPs are available.
  • Fixed a problem with the updates interface on new installs.
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