Category: ChangelogVersion 4.3.0 build 299 (2010-05-10)

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  • Version tracking was added in this build, which lets us identify servers that have and have not upgraded to the latest version.
  • Added iworx.cron: dns_disabled=”0″ iworx.ini entry. If changed to “1” will no longer update the authoritative DNS configuration on the server (not recommended).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem where incorrect load balancing policies would be applied if multiple services were balanced across multiple IPs.
  • Fixed a problem with the mysqldump command used when creating account database backups with MySQL version 5.1.46+
  • Added new log files to the logrotate configuration
  • Fixed a problem creating accounts via the API on clusters, if the package template name is specified.
  • Fixed a problem enabling auto-restart of clamd in .
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