Category: ChangelogVersion 4.5.0 build 318 (2010-07-30)

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  • New “Quick Search” bar allows quick navigation in and.
  • “Quick Login / Edit” removed and replaced by “Quick Search” in .
  • New optional Large Icon interfaces for and (per-user setting).
  • New icons for both and menus.
  • Added “choose this one” buttons on the Themes and Languages pages.
  • Added disk quota configuration problem detector to  system health page.
  • Added keyword substitution in language entries to allow for more natural translations.
  • Added a “extra confirm” check-box to the reseller delete form.
  • Added support to Direct Admin importer to import e-mail account contents.
  • Added option to specify the trusted interfaces, and the untrusted interface, in the Firewall configuration in .
  • Added level problem detector system and notification system – bandwidth overage and storage limit notifications now use this new system.
  • Added level SSL certificate expiration notifications.
  • Users can now “opt out” of receiving e-mail notifications, via a link provided at the bottom of the notification e-mail (requires login).
  • Added new JSON output style for Command Line interface ( -o json )
  • Improvements made to the SSL configuration page:
    • Users can choose to restart the service immediately when the new certificate is installed.
    • Users can generate self-signed certs that are valid for more than 1 year.
    • Users can generate a self-signed cert and install it on services all in one step.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a typo in the cluster node delete form.
  • Improved validation of string inputs to block more out of bounds ascii characters, like the null char, etc.
  • Fixed a problem some servers had with tcp-based dns.
  • Improved speed of Dns Record Edit form with large number of records.
  • Fixed a problem with display of some e-mail message contents on the Mail Queue page.
  • Fixed a problem with adding accounts, as a reseller, with external mysql server configuration.
  • Made provided themes not directly upgradable.
  • Fixed a problem with newest MySQL version support.
  • Made the Settings page fully translatable.
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