Category: ChangelogVersion 4.6.0 build 325 (2010-09-16)

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  • New Theme ‘Blue Steel’ added.
  • New Theme ‘Calliope’ added.
  • New CLI tutorial available at
  • Added the ability to toggle ‘testing mode’ and the ‘signing policy’ settings for domainkeys configuration in .
  • Added an option on the mail queue page to process the mail queue manually.
  • Theme and Language addition now automatically cascades to nodes in a cluster.
  • CPU utilization graph in now supports up to 16 cores.
  • Added graphs in for secondary network devices.
  • Roundcube webmail upgraded to latest version.
  • Switched doctype to HTML5 Strict to better support mobile and modern browsers.
  • Siteworx CLI can now be accessed via root, with the combination of -u and –login_domain parameters.


  • The PHPMyAdmin links in and will new open in a new window. In, if there is only 1 database the master user can login to, the database server choosing page is bypassed.
  • Enabling the SimpleScripts plugin for a account now requires that CGI also be enabled.
  • Added quickhelp entries to the firewall configuration page.

API Changes

  • Added 11 actions
    • /nodeworx/users : list
    • /nodeworx/users : listEditable
    • /nodeworx/users : listDeletable
    • /nodeworx/lang : syncLanguage
    • /nodeworx/themes : syncTheme
    • /nodeworx/mail/queue : process
    • /siteworx/users : list
    • /siteworx/users : listDeletable
    • /siteworx/email/domainkeys : edit
    • /siteworx/email/domainkeys : view
    • /siteworx/users : listEditable
  • /nodeworx/users ‘add’ and ‘edit’ changed from using ‘id=#’ to identify a user, to using ‘user=email@domain’. This change breaks backward compatibility for these actions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the generation of domainkeys policies in.
  • Fixed a display problem in the common tasks menu.
  • Fixed an issue displaying multi-node recent-visitor logs in clusters in.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying the bandwidth percentage used in notification e-mails.
  • Fixed a bug with adding a subdomain when a file of that subdomain’s prefix already exists in the docroot.
  • Fixed a bug that would make plugins menu items not appear in a rare condition.
  • Fixed a bug with cleanup of a cluster node when a node is un-clustered.
  • Fixed a bug with not recognizing internal ips with a certain format.
  • Fixed a problem where the apache config read/writer would choke with custom additions of multiple ips to a vhost.
  • Misc improvements and fixes to the Plesk9 importer.
  • Nodeworx Quick Search bar now includes secondary, pointer, and subdomains in the login/edit options.
  • Fixed a problem with importing uploaded backups when the system temp directory is modified.
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