Category: ChangelogVersion 4.7.0 build 337 (2010-11-04)

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  • Advanced Unicode domain support. Interface displays punycode (xn--*) domain version along with Unicode version. Domains can be specified in either Unicode or punycode.
  • Added pagination defaults to settings page.
  • Added a new directory chooser interface when adding / editing ftp accounts.
  • Horde webmail identities will now be included in backups and will be restored if present.
  • Added notification subscription configuration section for and users.
  • Added “Default Sender” and “Default Sender Name” to the settings page’s mail options. These are values to use when notifications are e-mailed to users.
  • Added uid and gid to querySiteworxAccounts API action.
  • E-mail box quotas are now checked prior to message acceptance at the smtp level.
  • System graph titles are now translatable.
  • Added a problem detector which ensures proftpd can properly connect to the database backend.
  • Added an option to suspend (and unsuspend) a dns zone.
  • Dns zones listing is now paginated.


  • Fixed a problem with phpMyAdmin failing to load in cases where HTTP_REFERER was not set.
  • Allow + in e-mail address for and users.
  • E-mail box disk space reporting now reporting correct sizes.
  • Fixed a problem importing ftp accounts with structure-only backups.
  • Improved error reporting in certain cases when adding a remote mysql server.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when importing backups that used a remote mysql server.
  • Significantly improved quick search bar performance on servers with thousands of domains.
  • Disabling and enabling local mail delivery for a domain now cascades to pointer domains.
  • Editing a mysql server nickname now works as expected.
  • Patched suphp to make php scripts run as the correct user.


  • Changed the secondary domain selector interface slightly in.
  • Moved architecture specific binaries into new -bin RPM.


  • Many RPMS which are required for to function are updated as of this release to prevent accidental removal. These RPMS include: apf, clamav, daemontools, djbdns, httpd, httpd-iworx, -bin, jailkit, libdomainkeys, maildrop, mysql-iworx, php-iworx, proftpd, qmail, simscan, spamassassin, suphp-iworx, ucspi-tcp, and vpopmail
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