Category: ChangelogVersion 4.7.2 build 347 (2011-02-07)

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  • Added Hungarian and German translations.
  • The automatic backup of the internal database now includes mail, ftp, and webmail databases.


  • When adding a node to a cluster, that node will no longer automatically get added to the existing load balancing policies. The admin should choose what policies the new node should and should not be a part of after the node is added to the cluster.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the e-mail password changing plugin for Squirrelmail webmail.
  • Fixed an issue where would fail to detect that clamav, spamassassin, and a few other services were running, when the OS was installed using certain languages.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the cPanel importer locating the DNS settings.
  • Fixed a bug with account creation, triggered by two or more accounts being created simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug triggered when adding a DNS record failed for any reason.
  • Fixed a problem with importing accounts with secondary domains into clusters.
  • Fixed a bug accessing the “Add an FTP account” control via the quick menu.
  • Fixed the start/stop controls of the secure pop3 and secure imap services.
  • Fixed a bug where the old vhost_conf «SSI» template variable would, in rare cases, not be removed on account creation.
  • Fixed a bug in the cluster command queue where it would fail to start if for some reason the pid file was empty.
  • Missing themes now sync to a new cluster node after node activation.
  • Account importing now selects the default MySQL server if none is explicitly selected.
  • Nodes added in a cluster now have the same mail local-delivery settings as the cluster manager.
  • Fixed an issue where cluster nodes would sometimes not boot with the VIPs bound to the loopback interfaces.
  • Improved support for Litespeed webserver bandwidth tracking.
  • Horde “Fetchmail” feature re-enabled after accidental removal in a prior update.
  • Fixed a 404 redirect issue when creating new calendars in horde/kronolith.
  • Non-root CLI users can now use the –login_domain option to specify a secondary domain to use.
  • Fixed a problem with downloading (via ) backup files larger than 2GB on 32bit systems.
  • Fixed a problem with web logs being deleted being deleted on cluster nodes when a corrupted account got deleted.
  • Made it possible to unsetup an cluster manager as long as there are no cluster nodes installed.
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