Category: ChangelogVersion 4.8.1 build 403 (2011-08-10)

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  • Added support for more advanced firewall allow/deny hosts rules (including port ranges)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem changing local delivery status on cluster nodes.
  • Fixed web based license activation.
  • Fixed an error that allowed users to delete DNS records they should not have been able to delete.
  • Fixed a problem with failing to detect that jailkit was successfully installed.
  • Fixed a problem with secondary users not being able to select or deselect favorite accounts.
  • Fixed a problem calculating available disk space for  backups.
  • Fixed a problem displaying e-mail boxes with the “get box size” setting disabled.
  • Fixed a problem displaying the mail queue with certain mail queue contents.
  • SPF DNS Records were failing to apply via the dns template for certain SPF record types.
  • Made the backup script stop making extraneous iworx-meta directories in temp folders.
  • Fixed a problem adding wildcard DNS records via .
  • Added corrections in the venet of negative limit values for resellers in the Edit form.
  • Backing up MySQL functions with unixuser’s containing dashes failed. Added backticks to escape and fix.
  • Fixed a problem connecting to system phpmyadmin on cluster managers through
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