Category: ChangelogVersion 4.9.0 build 427 (2011-11-02)

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  • Expanded IDN (International Domain Name) support to TLD (Top Level Domains).
  • Scheduled backups in Siteworx can now be disabled server-wide via the Nodeworx.Settings page.
  • New powerful command line scripts for analyzing qmail log files (a future update will integrate these into the gui).
  • Added SFTP configuration settings in Nodeworx.System Services.FTP Server – defaults to on, port 24. FTPS also still available.
  • New “Generate Password” button by all password inputs will generate a secure password on demand.
  • Insecure password detector command line script will check accounts on the server for bad (common) passwords, and variations: See: ~iworx/bin/checkpasswords.pex –help
  • Added details to the Nodeworx SSL Expired and SSL Nearly Expired notification message.
  • Interworx will now re-generate the /etc/httpd/conf.d/namevirtualhost.conf file if it goes missing.
  • Can now view domain transfer.log files and error.log files of cluster nodes in Siteworx.Administration.Logs.
  • Added API method Ctrl_Nodeworx_Siteworx::queryDomainInfo, which will return the type of domain, and parent domain (if present). Can be used to determine if a domain is present on the server at all as well.
  • Added API methods to simplify querying siteworx and reseller account bandwidth history: Ctrl_Nodeworx_Siteworx::queryAccountBandwidth and Ctrl_Nodeworx_Reseller::queryResellerBandwidth.
  • Added backup.pex command line option no-mail-content to create full siteworx backups, but exclude email messages from the backup. Usage example: ~iworx/bin/backup.pex – –backup-options all no-mail-content
  • Lots of improvements made to the direct-admin control panel importer. Now imports secondary domains, among other fixes.

Other Changes

  • Popup-forms now auto-select the first selectable input in the form.
  • Modified the display of “bytes” data on the Nodeworx.System Services.Mail Server.MTA Settings to make it more user friendly.
  • Added the “ID” column back to the Reseller listing page.
  • Lists of information with checkboxes now highlight selected rows.
  • Interworx init script runs license sync at startup to help sync system clocks on servers with dead bios battery.
  • phpMyAdmin upgraded to latest in 2.x series
  • API Keys are now easily selectable with a single click, for easy cut/paste access.
  • Initial license activation (goiworx.pex) now runs the first “fively” cron job, to immediately initialize various components.
  • Collapsing of form groups now requires only a single click of the open-close icon.
  • Errors generated from the CLI are now printed to stderr rather than stdout.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem editing users in Siteworx when multiple accounts had the same e-mail address for a user.
  • Fixed r1soft plugin icon not showing up in Siteworx.
  • Fixed disabling of line-by-line ajax form validation in Nodeworx.Settings page.
  • Updating IMAP and POP3 settings no longer forces the corresponding servers to start if they were previously shutdown.
  • Corrected “unlimited” value settings for the FTP service in Nodeworx.System Services.FTP Server.
  • Choosing “restore backup” in Siteworx when there were no partial backups to restore would result in an ugly error message. This has been fixed.
  • Removed unneeded checkboxes from the Nodeworx.Languages listing page.
  • Fixed users getting logged sometimes when trying to view various system graphs in Nodeworx.
  • Fixed deleting a SiteWorx account when that account’s UID is below the UID_MIN specification in /etc/login.defs (this would only happen if the login.defs file was manually changed after one or more Siteworx accounts were added).
  • Removed extraneous error output from the iworx start/stop script.
  • Fixed editing of A records for secondary domains in Siteworx.
  • Interworx now makes sure that the permissions and ownership of the /var/qmail/control/senderip file do get incorrectly modified.
  • Fixed adding of extra empty lines to the apache virtualhost configurations.
  • Fixed restoring large backup files via the web interface on 32bit systems.
  • Fixed a problem importing cpanel addon, pointer, and subdomains from cpanel backups.
  • iworxdb_tuneup.pex script now does explicit “repair table” on internal Interworx tables that need it.
  • Form group header-alignment fixed.
  • Made sure use of mysqlcheck and mysqldump use proper config file.
  • Fixed an issue with display Siteworx accounts when an account was moved from one reseller to another, with certain bandwidth characteristics.
  • Fixed an issue with mounting NFS shares on redhat/centos 6 OS (“k” for kilobyte shortcut no longer supported in mount command).
  • Fixed error message displayed when FTP account add/edit form cannot validate the FTP homedir selection.
  • Fixed an issue with scheduled backup cron jobs appearing on cluster nodes rather than the cluster manager.
  • Fixed API method DnsZone::listZones, no longer requires reseller input.
  • Fixed an issue with the log-view window resizing in Nodeworx and Siteworx.
  • Made DNS TXT records not split at 127 characters to combat incorrect DKIM implementations.
  • Fixed unsubscribing from Siteworx notices.
  • Remote Assistance enable/disable scripts modified to better handle partially-enabled support user.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a remote MySQL database to become inaccessible via Siteworx’s phpMyAdmin install.
  • Success/Failure message banners were not closeable if more than 1 appeared on a given page before a page reload.
  • Clustering command queue could get stuck if a Siteworx account was suspended, enabled, and deleted while a node was offline.
  • Cluster node-add “test” mode now verifies OS version, architecture, and that there will be now uid/gid collisions during the node add procedure.
  • Suppress extraneous output when commands are killed due to timeout, and added timeout’s to certain commands that will sometimes hang, causing more problems, during some error conditions. For example, a NFS partition temporarily being unavailable.
  • Fixed a problem with Siteworx imports failing to re-create “extra” DNS records.
  • Fixed a bug with the domain promoter script that caused incorrect storage reporting for a period after the promotion.
  • Fixed a problem viewing resellers past bandwidth usage data.

API Changes

  • Added 5 actions
    • /nodeworx/siteworx : queryDomainInfo
    • /nodeworx/ftp : sftpOptions
    • /nodeworx/siteworx : queryAccountBandwidth
    • /nodeworx/reseller : queryResellerBandwidth
    • /nodeworx/reseller/bandwidthhistory : queryBandwidthDetails

Package Changes

  • proftpd: Upgraded to version 1.3.3f, and /var/log/ftp-tlslog is now rotated.
  • vpopmail: Upgraded to version 5.4.32, increasing maximum password length significantly.
  • djbdns: Modified TXT records to not split at 127 characters
  • php-iworx: Upgraded to php 5.3.8 (for Interworx internal use only)
  • qmail: Improved error message display in logs when MX response fails during greeting phase.
  • qmail: Fixed a bug that triggered a segfault on 64bit servers when TLS connections timed out or were disconnected unexpectedly.
  • qlogtools: Added package
  • qmailanalog: Added package
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