Category: ChangelogVersion 4.9.3 build 435 (2011-12-30)

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  • R1SOFT plugin updated to support both CDP2.x and CDP3.x versions.
  • It is now possible to change web server ports from 80 and 443 to alternate ports. This allows custom setups with other software listening on port 80 and/or 443 and proxy to the alternate web ports.
  • Via the Command Line Interface (CLI), it is now possible to specify a hashed md5 encrypted password instead of a clear-text password any place passwords are accepted, using –encrypted=y parameter.

Bug Fixes

  • DNS servers on an IP address would come back up upon server reboot. Now they “stay down” after reboot until explicitly started.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented editing Siteworx e-mail filters.
  • Fixed a bug with domain-promoter.pex related to FTP accounts.
  • Fixed a bug with creating SSL private keys when the main user partition is a non-lockable remote storage device.
  • Fixed a bug related to cascading MySQL options to cluster nodes, specifically related to the maximum allowed packet setting.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented paging/sorting of the DNS Zones view in SiteWorx from working.
  • Fixed the CLI “help” option to be more helpful, like it was in a previous release.

Other Changes

  • Courier-imap RPMs changed to not overwrite max connection settings on rpm update.
  • Scheduled backups (in Siteworx) with a “local file” destination now default to the iworx-backup directory instead of the user’s home directory.
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