Category: ChangelogVersion 5.0.12 build 567 (2013-10-21)

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  • ┬áMade the timezone InterWorx uses internally configurable at Server > Settings.
  • Added support for loadbalancing services imap4-ssl, pop3-ssl, and smtp(587).

Bug Fixes:

  • Removed extraneous font files from Heliotrope.
  • Got rid of c:fakepath in file inputs in certain browsers.
  • Made MTA default domain a non-required input, since it has no value by default.
  • Changed minimum subpool size to /126 to alleviate confusion with the feature
  • Fixed overwriting of custom DocumentRoot settings (if commented out DocumentRoot lines existed further down in config files).
  • Replaced variables in API output for non-template DNS records.
  • Fixed adding pointer domains when the working domain’s DNS Zone has been manually deleted.
  • Fixed link on memory graph in NodeWorx.
  • Fixed display of multiple-ip selector when adding SiteWorx account in heliotrope theme.
  • Fixed a problem where adding a SiteWorx account on a dedicated IP could cause a command-queue failure.
  • Fixed display of “host” field when editing DNS Template records.
  • Fixed one-click toggle of firewall port open/close in NodeWorx.
  • Fixed a whitespace issue causing some Yum Repositories to mistakenly appear enabled.
  • Fixed an issue with PTR records failing to respond in certain circumstances.
  • Improved quickhelp for default nameservers, and made sure that IP addresses cannot validate as default nameserver values (NS Records) for DNS.
  • Removed Domainkeys remnant of “all/some mail signed” option from DKIM support in SiteWorx.
  • Fixed display of current working directory in file manager.
  • Fixed an error triggered by adding a reseller without access to any IP addresses.
  • Fixed display of e-mail boxes if an underlying e-mail box’s folder has been deleted manually.
  • Disabled senderip on cluster nodes to prevent mail failures.
  • Fixed an issue with two servers behind the same NAT not being able to setup DNS Synchronization.
  • Added an option to make messages not be DKIM signed when sent from cluster nodes.
  • Fixed display of the Cluster > Load Balancer in certain themes.
  • Fixed an issue with logging into SiteWorx when as a secondary user that is locked to a certain domain.
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