Category: ChangelogVersion 5.0.13 build 574 (2014-02-19)

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  • Added input form values to environment variables for event hooks
  • Improved granularity of MySQL storage usage display
  • Released updated build of djbdns
  • Increased mysql-iworx max_connections
  • Improved VPS environment detection
  • Added support for “Locked” IPs. These are IPs that once locked, interworx will ignore for all practical purposes.
  • Made suphp the new install default php mode rather than mod_php
  • Added ~iworx/bin/migrate-ip.pex script, useful when you need to move everything on one IP to another IP on the system
  • Added API action to see current InterWorx software channel
  • Added the ability to have env variables overridden
  • Improved import and new node performance by preventing Apache restarts after every single domain addition
  • Added CPU cores to collected data
  • Added tracking of InterWorx support user logins to data collection
  • Implemented explicit function and parameter registration for CLI interface
  • Created IWorx_Json to centralize json functions
  • Various user interface improvements to the IP Management > System IPs page

Importer Updates:

  • Implemented import of secondary domain contents from DirectAdmin backups
  • cPanel importer now imports MX DNS records
  • Fixed import of cPanel addon domains with documentroot the same as the master domain
  • cPanel parked-domains are now imported as secondary domains, since they can have e-mail accounts, etc
  • Fixed problems importing plesk9 backups containing “clients” with no “domains”
  • Fixed an issue with the plesk9 importer log display
  • Fixed the occasional truncating of MySQL usernames when importing from 3rd party backups
  • Fixed import of 3rd party backups via web interface in certain browsers

Bug Fixes:

  • Closed an XSS vulnerability in XHR requests (Special thanks to Eric Flokstra!)
  • Fixed vulnerability where passwords could be exposed by long-running processes (Rack911)
  • Fixed a bug where changing httpd ports could break Apache
  • Fixed bug: required 0755
  • Resolved a display issue when a server has multiple NFS mounts
  • Fixed a problem with secondary domains using private IPs and NAT
  • Fixed a problem with Softaculous hanging in InterWorx 5.0.13-572
  • Fixed error in handling return values when stopping a service
  • Fixed issue stemming from an undefined variable in Mass Transfer Imports
  • Implemented soft y, n, yes, no, etc for boolean answers in CLI interface
  • Improved error detection when writing httpd config files
  • Fixed display of CPU graphs with large numbers of CPU cores
  • Small fixes to UI of Heliotrope theme
  • Changed senderip to be aware of multiple IPs per SiteWorx account
  • Fixed toggling shared IP with SSL to dedicated IP
  • Fixed display of Server Graphs in DEMO mode
  • Fixed error during domain deactivation, if the /var/qmail/control/senderip file has been deleted
  • Fixed display of e-mail boxes if an underlying e-mail box’s folder has been deleted manually.
  • Fixed issue with missing IPs in the Default Sites config in NodeWorx
  • Fixed importing of SSL from cpanel backups when multiple certs are installed but only one is active
  • Fixed a problem with server-alias pointer domains being created if the working domain didn’t match the pointed-to domain
  • Fixed toggle of “favorite” SiteWorx accounts after sorting the list
  • Minor login page display fixes
  • Fixed an error on the Server > Settings page when logged into cluster nodes
  • Fixed an issue with importing of ServerAlias pointer domains
  • Clarified DNS interfaces regarding zone TTL
  • Fixed enabling Remote Assistance on el4 servers
  • Added explicit _help function to the CLI to prevent fallback behavior
  • Implemented explicit registration of functions and parameters in CLI
  • Fixed ordering of languages select box
  • Adding a secondary domain unexpectedly made that new domain the “working” domain
  • Added default AAAA record for new domains
  • System graphs can now be right-clicked on so they can easily be saved and shared
  • Fixed an issue with downloading Softaculous backups as plain text
  • Dropped zerofill from cluster_nodes table
  • Fixed an issue adding the ipv6 quorum IP for clustering
  • Fixed an issue with Roundcube webmail not creating the Trash folder
  • Cleaned up a MySQL index error during goiworx initialization
  • Fixed an issue with javascript running out of control when adding a cluster node
  • Fixed trusted-ip range detection
  • Fixed display of cluster-node system graphs in certain NAT config setups
  • Prevent suspended e-mail accounts changing their password via Roundcube webmail
  • Fixed recognition of 172.16… IPs as private
  • Fixed Bug: /bin/sort was missing from iworx.ini
  • Added dmidecode as a required package for InterWorx rpm
  • Patched roundcube for CVE-2013-6172
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