Category: ChangelogVersion 5.0.14 build 577 (2014-03-17) – BETA CHANNEL ONLY

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  • Changed default password hashing algorithm to more secure bcrypt for InterWorx logins.
  • Updated php-iworx to 5.3.28, fixing CVE-2013-4073 and CVE-2013-6420
  • Fixed an issue with a possible SQL Injection vector in Payloads – thanks to Eric Flokstra

New Features:

  • NodeWorx users may now enter an optional message when suspending a SiteWorx account
  • API functions to detect VPS environments
  • Added the ability to edit existing scheduled backups
  • Made the default interworx webserver redirect configurable via iworx.ini: [iworx] index=”/nodeworx/index”


  • Upgraded APF to 1.7.5
  • Added second-level-quota notifications during InterWorx install on OpenVZ, etc
  • Increased the maximum qmail process concurrency that is configurable, from 120 to 255
  • For PCI compliance requests, the InterWorx login pages can now be configured as no-autofill, so browsers won’t save the logins. Configuration is in NodeWorx > Server > Settings. Off by default
  • Djbdns RPM now does not start services on update, unless it needs to
  • Added support for relative (../) and homedir (~/) paths in InterWorx CLI commands
  • Minor interface cleanups on the heliotrope theme login page
  • New httpd package compiled for support with prefork and worker mpms
  • Improved InterWorx license expiration messages
  • Updated SimpleScripts plugin configuration to reflect changes made to their service. Specifically, the removal of “new web host” accounts
  • Added support for “” subdelegation format in DNS Record interfaces
  • Fixed an issue with importing e-mail boxes from cpanel with extra-long hashed passwords
  • Significant DirectAdmin importer improvements. The importer now:
    • imports email groups
    • recognizes email box copy-to
    • recognizes vacation responders
    • recognizes domain local delivery status
    • imports email auto-responders
    • recognizes existing quotas for groups and auto-responders
  • Updated ClamAV to 0.98.1
  • Added ability for real email boxes to have multiple forwarders
  • Added the ability for auto-responders to forward to multiple emails

Bug Fixes:

  • VPS InterWorx Licenses are not permitted use Load Balanced Cluster functionality – made this requirement explicit
  • Due to incompatibility issues, OpenVZ/Virtuozzo platform is now blocked from accessing Clustering functionality
  • Fixed an issue during install wherein APF could incorrectly detect the presence of a monokernel, breaking FTP
  • Fixed “Not logged in” error when trying to use the password generator in SiteWorx
  • Fixed an issue with theme debugging causing broken HTML output
  • Fixed Bug: unable to control system services on cluster nodes
  • Fixed an issue with pointer domain redirect configuration not being cascaded to nodes
  • Fixed an issue with VIPs not being properly unbound from cluster nodes when IPs are removed from the cluster, in certain cases
  • Local e-mail relaying via IPv6 localhost now enabled by default, same as it was before for IPv4
  • Prevented adding email boxes when local delivery is off
  • Disabled webmail when an account has local delivery disabled
  • Fixed an issue with the command queue when a SiteWorx account has moved to a reseller with lower limits
  • Fixed an issue with opening already-open firewall ports on cluster nodes bring down the command queue
  • Improved command-queue resiliency regarding the IP Management: Default Sites settings
  • Prevented a situation that allowed deleting VIPs on a cluster node
  • Modified the problem detector email to be more clear about hostnames on cluster nodes
  • Fixed an issue with cluster node adding reporting failure occasionally, until the cluster node page was refreshed
  • Fixed an issue with certain cluster command queue actions being run twice instead of once on nodes
  • Removed 35-character hash limitation within email disable function
  • Prevented unnecessary redirection when deleting a Siteworx DNS record
  • Fixed an issue with theme caching breaking theme syncing in clusters
  • Fixed an issue with InterWorx trying to load IP addresses from backup files in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
  • Fixed an issue with visible HTML code in the System Health page
  • Fixed a stacktrace when attempting to edit SPF records in SiteWorx
  • Fixed an issue with parent theme fallback when a child theme is missing
  • Fixed MySQL server management related to remote MySQL servers.
  • Fixed an issue wherein a payload refresh would not honor a user’s language setting, reverting to the default instead
  • Fixed an issue with the appearance of multi-line inputs with auto-complete
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