Category: ChangelogVersion 5.0.15 build 700 (2014-09-22)

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    • Added password reset emails to translation files
    • Added ability for translations to contain newlines
    • Added secondary-to-primary to the domain promoter script
    • Moved responsibility for to configurable plugin, allowing additional emails to be created
    • Added feature use detection for custom themes to anonymous data collection
    • Fixed wording on Plesk 9 importer.
    • Added a –no-restart parameter to import.pex to prevent Apache restarts.
    • Converted backup creation emails to a bulk digest format.
    • Allowed SRV records to be manageable by SiteWorx.
    • Made the “login” permission checked by default for new NodeWorx users
    • Updated the German language file
    • Added quickhelp for “Managed by InterWorx” on the System IPs page
    • Default charset now editable through the NodeWorx >> System Services >> Web Server page

Bug Fixes:

    • Fixed an issue with mounting NFS directories over UDP.
    • Modified default TLS ciphers used with qmail for PCI compliance
    • Fixed a problem where autocomplete hint was not cleared on text areas
    • Removed hard-coded English from firewall controller.
    • Fixed incorrect VPS detection on CloudLinux.
    • Fixed a bug preventing some SiteWorx IPs from being editable.
    • Added support to cpanel importer to import CNAME and SRV records
    • Fixed IPv6 management on CloudLinux
    • Fixed problem with starting Apache via InterWorx when start on boot is false
    • Fixed a problem with checking PHP version when client has ionCube encoder enabled
    • Fixed a bug allowing the deletion of SOA records.
    • Fixed importing of SSL domains on CentOS 6+.
    • Fixes default FTP password setup on new accounts.
    • Added fallback to DNS template on secondary domain add when zone is missing.
    • Updated ‘help’ link to most recent URL.
    • Fixed sql file matching for cPanel imports.
    • Fixed a JS issue that made radio inputs with custom input difficult to use
    • Prevented modification of PHP variables in suPHP .htaccess files.
    • Fixed deprecated Horde code that was throwing errors on contact creation.
    • Added a problem detector for an unwriteable /tmp dir.
    • Fixed typos in English language file.
    • Fixed generic hostname in notification e-mails.
    • Fixed editing APF settings in the new APF version.
    • Fixed default IPv6 gateway reporting.
    • Fixed an issue with form tests if Rails is not installed
    • Fixed a stacktrace in the htaccess section of SiteWorx
    • Fixed the application of DNS template NS records.
    • Fixed validation of all-numeric subdomain prefixes
    • Fixed SOA record inheritance for server aliases.
    • Fixed nesting error when importing from cPanel 11.40.1
    • Fixed issue where subdomain.dir.create failed when SiteWorx user had an invalid shell
    • Fixed issue where ” ” couldn’t be use as a thousands separator in iworx.ini
    • Fixed issue where pulling a node didn’t remove the IP from the load-balancing policies
    • Redirected the “Help” link to go to NodeWorx support documentation
    • Fixed RRD link for additional network interfaces
    • Fixed an issue where secondary domains wouldn’t create a vhost correctly
    • Fixed issue with the catchall email address text box in Gecko based browsers (Firefox)
    • Fixed issue preventing the addition of multiple trusted interfaces
    • Fixed issue with restarting the load balancer no bringing it back up
    • Fixed issue with Download link on Server Logs page in NodeWorx
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